How to Invest: Invest Your First $1000

People ask me all the time what they should do to just get started with investing, even if they don’t have much money saved up. In today’s video, I try to address those basics.

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33 thoughts on “How to Invest: Invest Your First $1000”

  1. Since I was Born, My British Family Have been Putting Money In A Bank Account, What They Did was, My Grandparents lent Money To Different People, And got More Money. Example: Lends 100£, A year Later, Gets 105£ Pounds Back.
    And Currently I have 3057£ On My Bank Account Saved Up, And I'm Only 12 Years Old so This Video was Very Helpful On How to Invest All the Money I've Saved Up.

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  3. Almost a year ago i wanted to invest in bitcoin when it was at 400$ each, i had only 5K back then so i could potentially buy 12,5 coins. I didnt do it because i was affraid it would crash, and because i didnt really trust the system of cryptocurrencies. Seemed like a ripoff to me 😀 sad how it peeked at 20K which would have gotten me 250k.

  4. Mr. town I have read your book rule #1 and reread it. I’m having one problem however I can’t seem to figure out how you get your #. Can u please make a video on how you, in 2018 can use websites like msn and yahoo to get growth numbers. Where can I get the 10-9 years equity # from? thank you.

  5. 6:28 "if we loose 5000$ is a lot Ha* easier to replace then.." of course it's harder the principle is something like this, your wage is 550 you pay 200 rent 70~90 water+energy and you still need food, this is the 5k investor the 50000k investor has better meanings of profit making so for them is easier to get richer. Or that's what I feel. .

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