Trading 101: Trading vs. Investing

Trading 101: Trading vs. Investing

In many instances, the terms “trading” and “investing” are used interchangeably; however, this can lead new people down the wrong pathways of learning. I discuss the major differences between the two strategies of making money in the stock market.

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26 thoughts on “Trading 101: Trading vs. Investing”

  1. Hi so I've always wondered that if i buy a share at $100 and then the value goes up to $500. Is it guaranteed that will be able to sell that share? So my question is am i guaranteed to be able to sell my share when i desire?


  2. i find your videos great i believe in long term i try to buy 3 or 5 shares not 20 or more is this good idea if a compony sells products that people use should i buy more stock i like a video called 10 things rich people do that poor people dont i always look at the market just to find out what componies are making its fun

  3. Would you consider some stocks as traditional and safe? Like McDonald's, Disney, Pepsi/Coco-Cola…companies that will be around for a while basically. Or is it unwise to believe any company is "safe" in the market?

  4. Claytrader? Do you have anything on Pump and Dumb stocks, just yesterday I was able to somehow have a gut feeling of CPHI that increased by 600%, from .20 to 1.30 and I was able to get in at .60 a shares and got out at .95 …Are the momentum stocks easy profit if you detect them early?

  5. what tools do you use when you are deciding what to buy or sell? I just started to take a interest in the stock market but I'm very new to it. I've watched almost all of your videos up to this point. I really appreciate if you could get back to me maybe give me a little more insight into how you Monitor and determine what stocks you personally would buy or invest in

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