32 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie In Investing That You Believe In | TEDx Talk”

  1. it's kinda true, but you have to consider that in mid 2008 everyone had started to hate stocks and be fearful but it kept on tanking for a while. so it really still comes down to timing, not just buying when everyone sells

  2. Sounds simple. But he missed the point here: You don`t buy when people are feared. You have to start buying when YOU are feared. When you start to doubt about the future of this market. You think you can handle it? Even if suddenly after your first buying the market drops another 5% and you have to buy more?  Get rich or die trying is the slogan then.

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  4. this isnt true either, if you buy falling falling shares, well, most of them usually become completely worthless, most of them dont grow. i have to break it to you most people doesn't know when does a share price falls or raises or raise from complete collapse. i dont know it either

  5. 4:55 – Having traded the 2009 bottom (touching $666 on the SPX), I can say the real problem with timing this was that most people thought the bottom came in 2008. There was actually a series of bottoms for 2 years prior to the lowest bottom. The surprisingly magical thing that happened on the $666 bottom is that option premiums went sky high, to the point I couldn't score on the bottom with option leverage, rendering options useless from the buyer's perspective.

  6. I've been trading for 27 years and this speech is garbage. Firstly, in a recession…most people do not have any disposable cash.. and u need a lot to get rich, even if the stock is 75% off. Second, the only people in a position to make a killing are the rich people… that's why JP MORGAN personally caused the crash of 1929. Research it. If u have a spare 5-10k to put on, say, Ford when it hit 1.50 in 2009, u would make an extra 150-200k…but u won't be rich.

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