How To Get Started Investing In Your 20s (After College)

We take a look at how to get started investing in your 20s, specifically for those 22 to 29, who’ve graduated college. Find the full article here:

In this video, I talk about why getting started investing after college is so important. We cover:
– Why start investing early
– Do you need a financial advisor
– Should you consider using a robo-advisor
– Why type of investment account should you open
– Where to invest if you want to do it yourself
– How much you should invest
– Thoughts on potential ways to invest

This video should give you great guidelines of what to think about when you are getting started investing.


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  1. Might be unnecessary and useless to comment but its just bothers me enough to type it.. IRA means individual retirement account. Its "I.R.A." Like an acronym. Not "IRA" like as if its a person's name..

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