How To Invest $1000 In 2018! With the RobinHood App!

How To Invest $1000 In 2018! With the RobinHood App!

Video talking how to Invest $1000 in the stock market with no commissions using the Robin Hood App.

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27 thoughts on “How To Invest $1000 In 2018! With the RobinHood App!”

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  2. If the Robinhood app doesn't give you an on the spot price, the delay will bite you in the ass. I use Finn fizz to get moment to moment trading. Yes, it's 39.00 a month but it made me money. My gains were 19,649.00 over 6 months of investing in the commodity market. I was using Scott trade as my platform then. However, Scott trades time delay in showing real price was killing my trading. It's a great feeling sitting on your couch and watching your bank account go up. I don't think there's a better feeling in the world knowing your strategy was right on target. But That's just my two cents. Peace out. Good luck, and God speed.

  3. commission on swab is 4.95 – this helps prevent ppl from doing stupid shit like trading 1 stock at a time lol… they do that because the amount of transfers goin on at any given moment are overwhelming on systems – if they arent charging commission you need to ask your self how they are getting money out of you… cause they are… id save 2500 dollars a year by quitting smoking…. dont be a spazzy trader… buy your stocks low and sit on them mutherfuckers until they get to a point you are at least doubleing your money then sell… dont invest money you cant leave alone… if you stocks go down dont sell that shit….. i dont care if it takes 10 fuckin years dont sell that shit…. you havent lost shit until you sell….

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