Mark Cuban INVESTING Strategies – #MentorMeMark

✎ Today we’re learning from billionaire investor Mark Cuban about his investing strategy. Mentor us Mark! 🙂

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Some used the ideas in this book to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I’ll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours.

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Thank you for watching – I really appreciate it 🙂


30 thoughts on “Mark Cuban INVESTING Strategies – #MentorMeMark”

  1. Researching the funds he was talking about and the 401k information as well. Putting money away while simultaneously pursuing your dreams. Mark Cuban is the mentor for me. haha.

  2. I believe most people in North America should focus mostly on numbers 3 and 4: when you're spending cash you know exactly how much money you have, whereas when you use a credit card you're using a piece of plastic and the numbers don't register in your mind until you see them on your statement, which by then is too late.

  3. to the people wondering about number 3. He is talking about the only investment guide you will ever need that he listed in his top 7 to read books. I read it, its great, its a must read 🙂

  4. Cuban is a good salesperson, not a good investor. He can build great companies, add value and sells it at good price.

    He doesn't know what he is talking about half of the time when talking about investments.

    When talking about stock trading. One always trade with probability not what your ego dictates. When he says he hedged all that shows his immaturity.

    You always balance your portfolios even though how much ever sure you are.

    With paying off credit card. Golden tip pay the card which takes away maximum Cashflow not higher interest.
    Eg: you have a debt a with 20% interest and paying $500 a month and debt b with 10% interest and paying $1000

    Pay the debt b first. It gives you a better cashflow if you do that.

    Investing is more to do with phycology than percent and dollar.

    Warren Buffet is the god of investing, never be critical of him.

    Judgement and common sense has to go together with investing.

  5. warren buffet says buying precious metals is for idiots.. well he bought 100 million silver.. mark says getting a loan for business is for idiots, well he got tons of loans.. mark says diversification is for idiots, lol look at mark's portfolio… mark says dont use credit cards.. guess what his main business that brough him here used credit card as a method of payment to him… so yeah…..

  6. Really interesting to hear Cuban's strategy versus that of the Graham/Buffet, long term investing approach. Cuban is a tech billionaire, riding the wave of the dotcom bubble and cashing in before it bursts. Buffet is the low and slow investor who has been buying companies for decades, across many bubbles, many different economies. Naturally, Buffet favors the tried and true methods of long term growth within stable companies, buying them in vulnerable dips in their value. Cuban's strategy seems to be that of someone who took full advantage of emerging technology, cashed in a couple billion dollars, and has the privileged position of being unorthodox in his methods of investment. If I am taking investment advice, I am going with Buffet. If I am starting a disruptive start up company, I am listening to Cuban. Both are extremely talented businessman with simply different areas of emphasis.

  7. I believe learning from people who have it is important but, it also wise to follow your heart. Your heart will always lead you to your greatest treasures. Learning from others is great but, imitation is foolishness. Be yourself, learn from others, and do what you think is right. Evan, I've watched the vidoes in your channel and I am really encouraged. What you doing is really helping many people discover their true self. It's really mind opening and inspiring! Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing a great work. Thanks!

  8. I am new sorry if it sounds like a stupid question. But how did he exactly hedge everything? He was betting on yahoo to go up then he put a put on the whole nasdaq index or all indexes i'm not sure what he said so he is saying he would win both ways and be safe. I don't get it isn't this like betting all the bets on roullete table or craps or playing banker and player in baccaratt? I can understand hedging yourself with owning gold but when u bet on stocks to go up then you bet on stocks to go down are you not just losing money to the people premium for the trading services?

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