The Truth About Value Investing | Trading Nation | CNBC

Some strategies for finding “value” stocks may be identifying something else entirely. U-Wen Kok of RS Investments discusses with Dominic Chu.
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The Truth About Value Investing | Trading Nation | CNBC


9 thoughts on “The Truth About Value Investing | Trading Nation | CNBC”

  1. Nothing wrong with a little thought. The same type of thought required to form a business. When buying a share of stock, you are partnering in a business. If it doesn't feel right, take a step back & find out why. Human instinct is a poorly understood process. That doesn't make it wrong.

  2. Ah .. her 'self-driving car' analogy is so bad! In 3-5 years we will walk into self-driving cars, sleep, wake up, and get out at our destination! (no human driver needed). Miss Dominic Chu, read about it!

  3. She's basically saying standard value investing has been manipulated. That's really not news, long time investors know value investing doesn't apply anymore. Blame companies that financially engineer. You can't truly trust the fundamentals of a company. Take Amazon, a company that believes in growth over profits. Their stock goes against how investors traditionally invest yet their stock has been soaring. Strategies don't work forever, standard analysis isn't enough anymore.

  4. she really didn't bring any insight on how to properly value invest it sounded like she was stumbling more then explaining

  5. She makes a good point- every method(Value investing in this case) has its downfall. Can you also give the benefits too, am sure there is always two sides of a coin. Quick question though, does book value plummet in a day?, OK, lets look at a recent example of GE year 2015 to 20 2016 its BV dropped drastically by 20% and yet its share price surged by staggering rate not only for one year but for another 2years until July this year(2017). Wouldn't a value investor who uses matrices, principles and ratios survive the catastrophe by getting out early- How's that? Am I in the ballpark?

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