Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate

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Do you love Real Estate but don’t know where to buy it, how to finance it and how to manage it. These are the top three reasons most never invest in real estate:
1) finding the right deals
2) Get the money to purchase for down payment and debt
3) don’t have time to manage the properties

Tenants termite and toilets are an issue if you have a full-time job that makes you a lot of money.
Little deals don’t work because they don’t produce more income than they do problems.

Understand the power of income producing properties and how to pay down debt with the possibility of appreciation in the future producing 6-10% returns before the value add improvement of the property.

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32 thoughts on “Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate”

  1. All those poor saps living in Apartments. They are not building any equity… they're just making their landlord wealthy while contributing to the ever growing divide between the rich and the poor.

  2. Grant's comment at the end about the nation of Millennial renters is true, but just motivation for me to originate more loans for as many first time Millennial homebuyers as possible!!!! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED haha

  3. I would have about 200k shortly, investing in multi family homes is what I want to do.
    Would it be best to buy a place outright or split it between several properties and get a mortgage for the rest

  4. Hey Grant, just discovered your channel. I would like your help finding a deal. I've made a killing off YouTube and know intellectually real estate is where i need to put my money. Can we work together?

  5. What do you think about a 3 unit TIC in San Francisco? We have one of those for sale and haven't found a buyer yet. What do you think is the best way to advertise such a deal? Its 9.3 Million for all 3 homes. (590,592,594 Lombard Street in SF)

  6. Grant.  Hope all works out for you and your investors.  Yes, many multi-profit centers, multi-leverage factors, multi-tax shelters/deferments etc. in multi-dwellings (& commercial r.e.)., Sponsorship most excellent.  Careful!! Bubblishous environment.  Have multi-back-up plans for "What Ifs".  Musical chairs game.  Make sure you have a chair to sit in, just in case the music stops. Jim Farmer CCIM.

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