Why my Investing style is the BEST! | Modern Long Term Investing

Today we talk about why my stock market investing style is the best! My Investing style is different than Warren Buffett or Jim Cramer and others. I have a stock market strategy I call modern long term Investing in which I take a 2-5 year view of a company and invest. Stock trading like day trading is certainly not my cup up tea and in this video I explain why.

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46 thoughts on “Why my Investing style is the BEST! | Modern Long Term Investing”

  1. Tomorrow I am releasing a video all about my real estate marketing company. A lot of you guys have wanted to know how I started that and made it a success, so tomorrow I will share all my secrets :)) Hope you enjoy!

  2. Hey Jeremy can you share your opinions on ETFS. Are they valuable for newbies? Worth holding? How should they be evaluated? Do they have potential for growth? What's your experience with them? As a newbie I am most interested in ETFS for stability and specific growth stocks that I see great future potential for.

  3. The reason I started doing stocks was because I wanted to be a day trader because I loved the life style. I started out doing that and I just lost a lot of money but since finding your channel and reading your book I have completely hanged my view and I am in the stock market for the long term. thanks a bunch Jeremy

  4. These traders really are a bunch of losers. There are some that have had some success and they've been able to branch off to do build marketing and affiliate income with the internet, but most of these traders are not relying on their trading income.

  5. I haven't just followed your stock tips but I have tried to understand your investing philosophy. I have heard a lot of the points you make before but it's your delivery that gave me the AWW HAAA moment. Since watching your videos for only a few short months I will be receiving my first five figure direct deposit! The largest sum of money I have ever had was $3000 after selling a car. I look at money and the power money brings different after your videos! Thank you, Jeremy, for your videos, drop F-bombs all you want, I credit you with my new found investing knowledge! You fucking rock!

  6. i really dont like apple, i think if apple mess up the china market (the recent conflict against tencent), they gonna go down (just saying, i got no clue how apple works). (ps im a iphone user)

  7. i can actually sitting in casino all day and making money from that, but i dont like that kind of life style is too boring and sloppy, i like to keep myself busy

  8. Just as an suggestion: why wouldn`t you have a part of your portfolio in growth stocks but also a part in more safe dividend stocks and maybe some supersafe ETF`s? The effect of compounding dividend is amazing, especially over long periods of time.

  9. Hey​!! Really love your videos and even though i haven't started investing yet I have the long term sort of thinking too!

    So i wanted to know how to research into the company, as in what do you focus on and where do you get the information.

    Maybe if you could make a video about this aspect of research into the company that would Amazing. Thanks for all the knowledge!!

  10. Jeremy, this is such a bullish market full of companies going up up and up , meanwhile GoPro is just sitting there slowly going down. I trust your vision with it but if it doesn't go up in this bullish market when will it?
    Also the Karma Drone has a review score of 3.5/5 on Amazon which for GoPro is below what you would expect and that's not very good news.

    Another thing you said is that the YoY revenue has gone up, well that's what you would expect really because they had more products on the market this years quarter than last years. If they had that % increase with the same number of products that would really be something.

    I'm not trying to attack or anything, not in the slightest as I have 5K on GoPro myself, I'm just curios what you think.

    All the best!

  11. Honest constructive feedback. I like everything you have to say in your videos AFTER "goooood day, subscribers". Appreciate the enthusiasm in your greeting, but something about it makes you seem less credible and might make some viewers tap to the next video. Love your videos though.

  12. Love your channel Jeremy! Thank you for all the tips you and videos. I'm just starting out and mostly an index investor because I like your second favorite book the "bogle way." Anyways I have ventured out and now investing in google and apple for mid long term. When do you think GoPro will go back up? Your enthusiasm about GoPro and the fact that it is so cheap right now makes me want to put some money that way. Is GoPro a buy right now?

  13. What do you think about buying ETFs? Have you or would you ever own one ? Some of them have done over 100% a year for over the past 5 years consistently. Just wondering if I would be wasting my time continuing to research them. I've done very well so far. But not many ppl I talk to mention ETFs

  14. Jeremy needs to get into more stock technical analysis in his future and less speculation and personal opinions.
    With all due respect, I do find the channel very entertaining to watch, I can't not take actual stock advice from him. I would have lost $ in the past month by buying stocks he recommended, IE: GoPro, Lululemon…
    While losing out on rallying stocks such as NVIDA, Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, etc..

    I think he can grow his channel much faster if his subscribers are actually making $ from his stock advice.

  15. Please please do a video on how long we have to watch the youtube commercials to help you (or other youtube) content producers -when we watch youtube commercials does that help support the channel and how soon can we skip but still help you /the chaneel

  16. Love your videos man, I've been watching for a few months now and I didn't even realise I wasn't subscribed hahaha you just kept popping up.
    Looked. Everywhere, but could you make a video around how to read a balance sheet? Or what to look for in an annual report? All the way from the land down under!

  17. Hi Jeremy! I'm a new subbie. Love your videos! One question, can you make a video on how to research a company before buying their stock? And what are the things that I need to pay attention to about those companies? I want to jump into the investment world but am still kinda scared because I don't really know how to foresee one business in 1,3,4,5 years.

  18. what does it mean loose all your money? does that mean the stock went lower than when you bought it and then went bankrupt? or does it just mean the stock went lower than you bought it? if it went lower why not keep it until it comes back up and try to recoup some of your money?

  19. so long do you usually stay in a stock?  you mention 3 – 6 months?  is that correct?  what happen if a stock hit your stop lost before the 3 months period?  do you leave the stock for good or still monitor it to see if you can get back in?

  20. Hey buddy. Im Canadian and was wondering if you could post a video on the top best Canadian stocks to invest in. I dont want to deal with the taxes associated with investing in US stocks. Thanks!

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