Why I Invest in Section 8 Apartments

https://www.commercialpropertyadvisors.com/section-8-apartment-investing Discover why I invest in Section 8 Apartments (while many avoid Section 8 Investing because of maintenance headaches and other such perceived difficulties). You’ll learn in this video that Section 8 Apartment deals can be absolutely terrific, from guaranteed rental income and rent increases, to having a large pool of verified applicants. You’ll also learn the advantages, the actual disadvantages, the best websites as how to screen and manage Section 8 Housing so that you get the best results from your investment.


30 thoughts on “Why I Invest in Section 8 Apartments”

  1. I am really enjoying you content thus far. In one of your videos you mentioned it's not necessary to have a license for C.R.E. how do you do deals without it? Dose this vary by state? I am in New Jersey.

  2. All of your videos are awesome… A little baby can understand them! I really enjoy them. I need you as an advisor & mentor. Can that happen? Thanks, Ash

  3. Peter Harris your information is great. I am taking my time looking to buy some small unit Apartments. Prehaps 4 and 5 plexs… I appreciate all you mentorship. I watch all of these videos…Thanks I must admit I am a first time buyer….and their are some fears still there of making a bad investment. I have not purchased anything yet.. I take alot of information and investigate the step and information that your providing. I am highly considering purchasing property in the San Bernardino, California or Inland Empire Area… Properties are very cheat out there. However, the economy and Job are not so great so I don't know. Sec 8 properties might be the way to go..Any advice is always welcomed… thanks again Peter Harris

  4. One of the best videos I've seen on any subject. Thia man has experience, knows what he's talking about, and explains things very clearly. It would be a pleasure to do business with a man like this !

  5. I am about to make an offer on a distressed 22 unit. In a hot area. The current landlord is only charging 200 in rent and still cashflowing! The FMRs are 840 for the area. It had 55% ocp rate. So much opportunity here. I want to rehab every unit and section 8 them out. How long is the process for getting these approved and a section 8 tenant in the unit? Also anyone interested in hoping on the deal. Message me 205-471-0861. Its only 175K

  6. The way you have the point system set up they would not be eligible if evicted or had previous LL trouble. It's mathematically impossible to recover. Is this for a reason? Is this to automatically disqualify them? and say its based on points? to protect us for encountering the same thing? if so, that is a good tool.

  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for your video. We have many single houses in Orlando, Kissimmee and Davenport. I am just thinking to start do investment on commercial real estate. Your videos help me a lot.

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