Bitcoin investing dangerous? – Importance of Knowledge – Programmer explains

What are the most common dangers new people who arrive in cryptocurrencies are worried about?

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22 thoughts on “Bitcoin investing dangerous? – Importance of Knowledge – Programmer explains”

  1. before buying – I look at white papers, personnel, price history, market cap, etc., but had not thought about looking at GitHub – so, thanks for the tip

  2. Look dude. The question is did the alpha agencies put backdoors on hardware, ie on cpus, on harddrive controllers, on network chips, on northbridge…On southbridge.. On all routers! Is the dirt cheap IP ARM CORES. corrupted? Yeah if they could, they would. China corrupts their wifi chips. Cyberwar is real. That doesn't mean they want your pennies.
    BUT the NWO CIA ALPHA wants a demoralization of america and to hurt china÷RUSSIA all at once…THEN THEY CAN DESTROY MOST ALL COINS by barring trade or stealing your coins. They do this by rouge hw on cpus triggering and running programs root from am incoming sequential payload. Intel knows this and look at their trusted execution enviorments. But can you trust Intel. Where is your virus scanner (laugh) for hardware? A crash will happen and they will impoverish Americans to provoke an excuse for overthrow.

  3. Yeah you dont understand the situation. There is no Endpoint security. That is where you type your keys. None. Do they use it? Yes but to gather intel. Can you protect y o urself? No its in hardware! BUT who controls this? Guess

  4. Just had a chance to have a long personal conversation with 2 responsable managers of the ICO FoodCoin in Zurich. They will establish their headquarters in Switzerland later this year. This is quite a promising ICO because it has some real foundation, the 1000ecofarms project that unites farms and consumers world-wide. Also Swiss authorities are supporting the project in various ways. There is a + 50 % bonus in the pre-ICO until 6 September. Don't miss it. Here is the direct link:

  5. thanks Ivan. this type of vids is just what majority of us needs, given the fact that investing in crypto market is too damn difficult and confusing even comparing to traditional investments.
    I love the fact that you show the way you analyze a company on github. i am new to github and do not have a tech background, but you made it clear to understand and open a new perspective on how to verify all the hype about new coins on the block. I look forward to seeing more reviews and analysis from you using github!!!!

  6. HI Ivan, thanks for all the videos. I just got into bitcoin three days ago, and you've taught me alot especially with the explaining of bitcoin, hash, what is ethereum and more. So just want to say a big thank you, hope you keep up the great work. I'll be following 🙂
    P.S. bought my first batch of bitcoin today on coinbase, feeling great but only to find out that Coinbase does not support selling of bitcoin in Australia. Though I'm not thinking about selling at this point, still, bit of a bummer. Hope Coinbase and Australia open up the market soon!

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