Investing $100,000 Into Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies

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25 thoughts on “Investing $100,000 Into Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies”

  1. Everyone is hopping on the Crypto Currency wave now. I'm starting to see more and more youtubers boarding the train, soo better hop on now than in months down the line when i see, " How i made 70,000 in 3 months investing in Crypto currency's" lol

  2. Crypto-assets are great and I have been investing in Ethereum since it was $19. You should look into ICOs, which are more lucrative and offer greater returns. I am building an ICO investing course right now and will offer you access once I get it up. There is a process involving getting in early and white-listing so that you can participate.

  3. Do not invest in bitcoin mining, the value of mining depreciates by 50% every specific amount of blocks mined determined upon the beginning of Bitcoin's creation. This means not only smaller shares of the blocks mined but also mining hardware gets outdated as higher speed mining hardware needs to keep coming out for miners to buy, to compensate for the depreciation. Tanner trust me on this one, bitcoin mining is DEAD.

  4. Hi Tanner, I have been in crypto for a few months now and have made some good profits in both mining and trading. I would recommend mining with genesis if you decide to do that as they are the number 1 and most trustworthy out of them all. You could also get 3% discount when using my code zSv1xr at the end of your purchase. If you are looking at long term investments there is a you tuber called Brandon Kelly who really knows his stuff and I'm sure you will benefit from his videos.

  5. ETHEREON (ETH) and RIPPLE (XRP) are good choices. They are being backed by financial institutions which over time as more adopt the currency will raise the value of these altcoins. Check those two out!!!

  6. What about stocks? Facebook seems really underpriced right now, especially given all the advertising dollars that are being shifted into Facebook and Instagram from other marketing channels! Obviously it's a bit more of a long-term play, but would be interesting to know your thoughts on it?

  7. would definitely invest in ethereum and bitcoin, then some dash, ripple and litecoin. 40/40/5/5/10. 🙂 started trading only around 3 months ago so just my opinion mate, currently 110% up purely investing in crypto!

  8. The Chinese ban on ICOs is a pretty large shakeup in the market. Smacks some sense into cryptocurrencies investors; Why would World Governments allow an uncontrollable currency to thrive? Very important thing to think about.

  9. Would love to see you swing trade crypto.. something I'm looking into now. Also thoughts on recent Bitcoin rise, should we wait for price to lower or do you think it'll only keep rising??

  10. I love investing in stocks, currencies and options.  As of today a lot of the crypto currencies are at a great buy location.  Bitcoin looks like it's bouncing off the 50 EMA and looks like its running into some great FIB support as well.  Trading at 3900 today and my personal target is 4,950 within the next few weeks.   If you are wanting to invest 100k in the stock market I would TOTALLY look into "options."  

    Options have given me some huge returns very quickly with a lot lower risk than day trading or buying and selling crypto currency.  Cryptocurrency is cool and all right now but it's still all relatively speculation still unfortunately…

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