30 thoughts on “This Week in Investing – Episode 20 (Gilead, Kite, CART, Bitcoin, Kymriah)”

  1. Thank you very much for your educational content you provide us all. I am a new student to finance and investing and thankfully I  discovered the 2 financial introduction videos in which you offer true jewels of knowledge. Much appreciated for all the free education.

  2. I want updates on the Hillary debacle! Been wanting to see that evil bitch thrown in prison for her and Bill's crimes against humanity for years now. If you have hard evidence make sure that shit makes it out before you get "suicided." -Truly yours, a fan.

  3. Lets make some money, Shkreli! id like to send my resume to you. I have experience in Pharmaceutical sales and Laboratory work. I'm a chemist and can synthesize virtually anything. Please get back to me.

  4. Amazing. Heme/Onc Pharmacist in Ohio here, working with some of this stuff on the front lines haha. I really appreciate you're time. First episode, but about to start with episode one after listening this to this one. You clearly have a serious knack for teaching and explaining things. I have a coworker who is your doppelgänger btw. Let me know if you wanna see your twin haha!

  5. Thank you Martin and everyone I've met because of him. For all of you regulars on his livestream, thank you. You have made my life so much better. Martin has shared so much information about finance, investing, science, and medicine and made it freely available, taking time out of his schedule to provide us with knowledge and a unique educational opportunity. He's served as an inspiration to me in my own life to always keep learning and striving to better myself, both for my personal sake and for the sake of everyone else I can help by doing so. Martin has also provided us with advice and entertainment; from discussing the nuances of society to meowing at Trashy, he stimulates both thought and humor. He even fulfilled our request to show us more of his apartment, showing that we're more to him than background text. I've had many memorable conversations in this chat and met so many wonderful people. I will miss Martin reading to us about science. I'll miss Trashy meowing and jumping in his lap. I miss how Martin plays with his hair and types at an alarming rate. I miss the Excel charts and the music, the gaming and the Discord voices. I miss having deep conversations in the middle of the night with people all around the world. I miss being greeted by people who I've never met and greeting them in return. I miss the mods of our little corner of the internet. I miss the chairstreams. I miss how Martin would keep the stream up all night sometimes; for whatever reason he did so, it gave us more time with one another. I even miss the sycophants and the trolls and the occasional haters who would pop up here and there. I am thankful to be a part of the community Martin created, and I hope all of us (Martin especially) can stay strong through this. For everyone else, whatever you think of Martin, please at least try to understand him and what he does before making a judgement. He may be an attention seeker and he may be a troll, but he truly cares about saving lives and pursuing knowledge. He uses his profit to help people. I used to think he was a jerk, but then I did my own research. Reconsider him, please. I'm glad I did. See you guys in January.

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