How Much Money Can You Make Investing In Real Estate? The Real Flip or Flop!

This is one of those videos you better watch the whole thing now because it probably will get “archived” as ppv money mayweather style hahaha. This is the real life version of flip or flop, we take a look at some of my favorite real estate deals. How much they cost me to buy, and how much we sold them for and how much they are worth today! If you want the inside scope on investing in real estate the right way, check out this long video…

Take a ride with me and my two kids as we drive through most of my real estate deals and discuss some of the numbers, and talk about some of the reasons why I love investing in real estate and fixer uppers!



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20 thoughts on “How Much Money Can You Make Investing In Real Estate? The Real Flip or Flop!”

  1. the vids of both Lambos you've owned as well as the vast of information you've put out to educate on rentals, financing, business etc..has been GREAT but Bro watching this interaction between a father teaching his daughter the business side of life has truly been PRICELESS! Btw I'm not a "car guy" and I don't follow specifically because I'm interested in investing in real estate though I do enjoy seeing the process of buying , rehabbing selling or renting in the end play out but mainly I follow you cause you seem like really "good people"!!!

  2. What's your thoughts on getting a loan for a house then flipping it? To pay off the loan and make profit? Im trying to get into realestate now and I found this video very informative that's why I have to watch every second Hahaha.

  3. This was fantastic Will!! Thanks so much!! You're the most transparent and best real estate motivator on YouTube!! Nobody does a video like this…..driving around, showing all of your homes, letting us know how much you paid and what you sold for, what you put into the rehabs, the amount of equity you currently have, etc. This is the nitty gritty info that we like to know… that we can learn the real world numbers and what is truly possible if a person works hard! You really do have an impressive list of properties. All of your homes look like they're newer and in very nice neighborhoods too. You really do take pride in your properties and they all look very well taken care of. Thanks for taking us along on this tour. It really motivates me to hopefully be even a fraction of how successful you are! You have full right to be proud of what you've accomplished! BTW, thanks also for the last video with you and Hari. I just finished that one, and you guys discuss some very important and very interesting info in that vid! Once again, the nitty gritty info that we like to know about real estate investing! Thanks again Will!

  4. Man I'm going to do it like you one day Will. You have a nice family and I got to respect the grind. How do I get the capital to purchase multiple properties like you so that I can rent them out or rehab them? Lastly I must say you got some nice homes there how do you know when the market is low?

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