Investing in Bitcoin vs. Investing in the Stock Market – Retiring as a Millionaire?

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Investing in Bitcoin versus investing in the stock market.

Bank of Canada Raising Interest Rates.

$1 million for retirement.

Huawei is bigger than apple in terms of smartphone sales.

Trump forgets that corporate tax is different than income tax.

Apple and Amazon are bidding for the rights to James Bond.

Amazon acquires a copmany in the middle-east.

New York Radio personality involved in a potential ponzi scheme.

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20 thoughts on “Investing in Bitcoin vs. Investing in the Stock Market – Retiring as a Millionaire?”

  1. Bitcoin will crash as soon as governments start making it illegal and do not for a second think that they are not able to… The U.S will ban bitcoin as they banned gold in the 1900s. So why risk the crash??

  2. Personally, I'd prefer living in the country. It's quieter, more peaceful, and more relaxed. But that's just me personally. I grew up in the sticks, and I'll die in the sticks. I've lived in the suburbs and the city, and it's not my cup of tea. Plus people in the sticks treat each other with more respect, take time when they have a "debate" ect ect ect. It's just a better quality of life. Plus, I'd rather go to sleep hearing the frogs and night birds vs hearing car alarms going off and people yelling.

  3. Investing in Bitcoin is not just about investing in Bitcoin. The technology behind it that businesses are being built from is where the real innovation is. Take Ethereum for an example, its a crypto currency with a blockchain used by others to build their platforms on, take for example TenX (PAY) they are a debit card system where you can deposit crypto into your wallet and pay for things as if it were a normal Visa/Mastercard, they use the Ethereum platform to issue their coin (PAY) which pays a dividend of .5% (quarterly or something like that) but the .5% is based on the revenue they get so the more people adopt the more in "dividends" you can earn. It's much bigger then Bitcoin at this point, Bitcoin was just the first of its kind and its an old technology compared to the newer crypto's out there.

  4. I was recently watching an interview with Peter Schiff on the Joe Rogan podcast and he explained the concept behind Bitcoin and why essentially most people who buy Bitcoin will lose. Stating that whoever gets in early will make the most money buy the price of bitcoin is only going up because more people are finding out about it and buying it so yes you can make money by selling those shares of Bitcoin you do have, but it's going to fluctuate in waves. It's also very volatile in nature which doesn't seem to be the best investment, similar to a pyramid where the people at the top make the most money and the people who get in last or at the bottom will lose. I am intrigued to see where this goes and that interview with peter schiff was awesome go check that out, breaks it down way more than I can.

  5. Jack, have you listened to any of Andreas Antonopoulos' presentations on Bitcoin? I'm sure that if you did you would assess Bitcoin a little differently. I think the only things that can prevent BTC from hitting +$30k, are the headwinds that it will undoubtedly face from governments and their banking masters. But even then, I believe that the genie is out of the bottle, and as a secure store of value, fit for the 21st century, Bitcoin will reign over traditional alternatives as well as over other cryptocurrencies.

  6. When you consider that the dark web makes up 96% of the internet and most transactions are done through bitcoin, there is undeniable room for growth. I see it going up, until governments make the coin illegal.

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