Legendary Duelist – Are We Investing Or Not!?

Legendary Duelist comes out this week and the set brings some interesting questions to the market. Is this worth it? Will these themes go up if quote on quote no one opens the set? What do you think?

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30 thoughts on “Legendary Duelist – Are We Investing Or Not!?”

  1. ive tried getting info about these "phantasmal" cards you're talking about but i dont see anything in the set that really does anything for them. There is only one trap in the set that even works well with water and its just a spell/trap protector. can some explain to me what he means by "phantasmal support"? ive watched box openings and see nothing

  2. How I see this set its focused on giving people support cards for nostalgia decks which I'm completely fine with. Amazoness legendary fisherman roids, water dragon. They're all fun decks. Which I can't wait to try and work with.

  3. Hard to say what to invest in, the secondary market does get influence from the casual side, but I do find that side a bit erratic in some cases. It's hard to predict what hypes and what not

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