How To Invest $25,000 Dollars (Investing $25,000 In The Stock Market)

Want to learn to invest $25,000 dollars (twenty five thousand dollars) in the stock market? Want to build a robust dividend stock portfolio, one that generates an increasing stream of passive income that could eventually cover your living expenses? Want to learn how to put your $25,000 to work, so it generates a perpetual stream of cash flow via dividend stocks? Today’s video explores these very topics and more. Here’s what you’ll learn:

* Getting started in the stock market with $25,000.
* Why dividend growth investing is great way to invest $25,000 dollars for passive income and cash flow.
* How to build a dividend stock portfolio.
* Learn which industries I would target for my first five stocks. (And, learn the three industries that are the absolute foundation of all great dividend stock portfolios, in my opinion.)
* Learn how to avoid costly mistakes with your $25,000 investment. Learn which industries I would absolutely avoid. I actually spend the majority of this video illustrating exactly what I would personally avoid. In the world of dividend investing (and stock market investing overall), it’s often about avoiding bad decisions (even more than making good ones).
* Find out how I would leverage dividend reinvestment plans (also known as DRIPs).
* Learn why I would reinvest all dividends in the early years.
* Learn why I would build up a cash buffer, especially in 2017, since it would be tempting to tap into my $25,000 during bad times.
* Find out how I would stagger my investments (one stock per month).
* Find out why I would mix stocks of various market capitalizations.

Today’s video builds on my other recent videos about investing $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 dollars. You may want to check out those videos as well. Following are the links.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor, and today’s video is just for entertainment and fun. This video is NOT investment advice. Please talk to your licensed investment advisor before making any financial decisions.

All content on my YouTube channel is (c) Copyright IJL Productions LLC.


25 thoughts on “How To Invest $25,000 Dollars (Investing $25,000 In The Stock Market)”

  1. I have ~16 Stocks right now, but took my time to choose which investments were optimal. I'm still investigating 1 or 2 more to add, I'm trying to balance ~200 per month in dividends, then reinvest those dividends into stocks they may dip and provide good buys.
    – Financial Videos 107/500 Subscriber Goal –

  2. Another good video Ian! Looking forward to the video about REITs. Real Estate and Monthly dividends are appealing to me in general. Outside of the stock market I'll be majority investing in residential and multi family properties.

  3. I appreciate hearing your perspective on the pros and cons of different sectors and industries as they pertain to dividend growth investing.  This is very helpful as I am in the process of researching and deciding which industries to channel  my allocations into.  Great job once again, Ian.

  4. A great video Ian. Thank you for your input, knowledge and time. You didn't mention banks or lending institutions (BDCs) and the like. They scare the heck out of me and I think they are best avoided when we are starting out anyway (probably avoided completely). Thank you for letting us know about structuring. You have your core (heaviest percentage) and ancillary (lightest percentage). This interests me, and may work for me. Thanks again!!

  5. I love your videos. I've really grown to respect your opinions and find that we resonate closely on a lot of things. Your videos led my wife and I to rethink some of our investments and eventually led to us to prune a few stocks we weren't crazy about. It felt great to cleanse the portfolio and invest that capital into stocks we love. I already knew we needed to do it but hearing you talk about it really drove us to take a closer look and take action. So thank you.

    We do, however, own some REITS. Other than the tax situation we really enjoy having the monthly dividends to reinvest. I know it sounds backwards, and I wouldn't even advise many people into doing it, but it has helped us to stay engaged every month by having that money to invest. (Remember, we're building our portfolio in Robinhood to start so there's no DRIP but also no commissions). That extra 20-50 bucks a month sometimes is enough to push us into putting just a little more into our investments that pay period to buy stocks we love and has actually helped to drive us. So for that reason alone we will keep our REITS. I admit though, our strategy is unique and probably not for most people.

    I'll also say this, we've put a temporary cap on what we put into our REITS to build up a few stocks we consider recession resistant.

    Ian, my wife and I love your videos. Keep them coming and stay positive!

  6. Very informative videos. I started dividend investing for almost 10 years and learned most about this trade last 2 years. In other words , I had no clues what I was doing first 8 years nor will it work out. All your video reinforce many of the same principles I have. I am interested to see videos in intermediate to expert level dividends investing. Another, video consideration, with the anticipation of a overhaul tax code, what principles would you offer to the viewers the types of dividend friendly stock will benefit ?

  7. If your seeking out a pay out of $4500 per month (to cover bills) how would you do so exactly?

    What about investing making a video on 50k-100k. Your awesome, I really enjoy.

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