Bill Nygren: “Value Investing Principles and Approach” | Talks at Google

William C. Nygren, CFA: Partner, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer – U.S. Equities

Bill Nygren has been a manager of the Oakmark Select Fund (OAKLX) since 1996, Oakmark Fund (OAKMX) since 2000 and the Oakmark Global Select Fund (OAKWX) since 2006. He is also the Chief Investment Officer for U.S. Equities at Harris Associates, which he joined in 1983; he served as the firm’s Director of Research from 1990 to 1998. Mr. Nygren has received many accolades during his investment career, including being named Morningstar’s Domestic Stock Manager of the Year for 2001.

He holds an M.S. in Finance from the University of Wisconsin’s Applied Security Analysis Program (1981) and a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Minnesota (1980).

Moderated by Saurabh Madaan.


23 thoughts on “Bill Nygren: “Value Investing Principles and Approach” | Talks at Google”

  1. The moderator is doing great job inviting all these great investors into Google office make them talk, make them answer questions and most importantly recording and sharing the whole event with the wider investor community. So you know why Google is a great company. It is filled with such guys.

  2. Anybody have some value stock ideas? I bought Netflix in 2013 at the same time I decided to sign up for a Netflix subscription at what was then only $7.99 or $8.99 per month. I had the same thoughts as the interviewee, thinking that Netflix was a risky stock given the very small moat at the time. Fast forward 4 years later, Netflix has helped me buy my new apartment 🙂 now I am thinking of new stock ideas for 2018

  3. I am sorry. His funds seems underperforming the market indexes. Like Howard Mark said, only 5% investing professionals can beat indexes. If you can not beat indexes, you add no value with your work. People can passively invest in index funds without loss.

  4. Not sure why this was titled value investing. This guy isn't a value investor at all. More importantly, their fund has a a 1% expense ratio and there funds have underperformed the market.

  5. nygren is just rewriting all the answers bec value investing is stuck in this mkt where value stocks are shit & underperforming and needs to buy fang stks by legalese.

  6. nygren cfa should be talken back as banks had huge liabilities via cdo risk exposure. this dork was clueless as deutche bank cds seller was an open secret.

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