Billionaire Kenneth Griffin: Investing, A.I and Career Advice (2017)

An interview and Q&A with billionaire CEO of Citadel, Kenneth Griffin. In this interview, Kenneth discusses how Citadel invest and its use of humans compared to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Kenneth also gives advice for finance, careers and entrepreneurship

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
5:45 What does Citadel invest in today?
6:34 How did you get started trading in statistical arbitrage?
8:24 Are algorithms better than human investors?
10:02 Role of Machine Learning and A.I in supporting human judgment?
12:08 What’s the capacity for different strategy?
14:39 Are the technology advances more helpful than in quant?
17:50 How do you maintain meritocracy and culture?
19:17 Advice for going into finance?
21:22 Long/short term goals?
24:06 Start of Q&A
24:16 How is the volatility so low in 2017 compared to the political volatility?
28:46 Where do you see the future of active management?
31:06 How does Citadel compete for talent with tech companies?
35:12 How do you think about the change in liquidity?
40:23 Advice for starting a fund?

Interview Date: 12th September, 2017
Event: Georgetown University
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18 thoughts on “Billionaire Kenneth Griffin: Investing, A.I and Career Advice (2017)”

  1. Humans can look at a car or product and say "now that's one sexy car/product". And go on from there. And even if they hate it they can still hear a group of people rave about something. Read forums and do things like that. HFT is poison as it doesn't care about fundamentals but just patterns. Plus it's frontrunning and market manipulation. It shouldn't exist

  2. Citadel: Top quality revolving doors and pre-packaged government policies! Brings you the stocks you need, by buying them fractions of a second just before you do!

  3. Intelligenxe agrees with Ken Griffin that humans cannot be replaced by computers. Intelligenxe trusts that Citadel’s meritocratic dynamic of hiring the best people and its emphasis on having a competitive advantage would be remarkably complemented by adopting Intelligenxe’s unique hedge fund business model (OFIP). We invite Citadel to evaluate OFIP.

  4. I admire the fact that the standard they want to uphold is primary in decision making proceedings for applicants. As an individual who trades for a living it makes me reconsider the standards that I have set for myself.

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