Worst Way to Start Investing In Real Estate

We always talk about the best ways to invest in real estate and having been in the real estate world in years, Steven and I have had our fair share of horror stories. Here are the 2 worst ways to start investing in real estate:

1. The flip
2. Getting in a 30-year rental property

If you don’t buy a property right, you are starting real estate wrong.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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40 thoughts on “Worst Way to Start Investing In Real Estate”

  1. My first realestate was a unit ( appartement ) I rented it out through a realestate agent, the renter didn't pay, when he left I got in there and did a complete renovation I am an x tradesman and I did the work myself, I sold it at a record high, and was able to do an important next thing in my life ( realestate but not profit based ), however doing a complete renovation yourself rely tests you and is not good for your happiness ( may be better of as a driver and that's rely saying something )

  2. if i found a house for say 110,000 dollars and its worth is 160,000 i buy the house and in turn make my payments on my mortgage and sell the house for 190,000 leaving a little negotiation room or wiggle room rather of 190,000 someone will buy it for at least 170,000 thinking theyre getting an all around deal pay off the mortgage and keep the profit then take what i profited and use it to buy another house mortgage free and start my equity that way where i dont have to loan but rather borrow against and boom im in the game and now i have two houses and i do it again and after four times i will have 200,000.00 in equity
    this is figuritively speaking not saying it works but just inquiring

  3. Hey Chris my name is Nikolas I think your videos are awesome I’m soon going to get started on all the material that you teach us but I do want to say your hair is bothering me bro I’m telling you there is a way to style your hair that’s going to give you an unrealistic style and you thought you could never have so if you give me a call I’ll tell you what it is I’ll even make a little short YouTube clip for you and I promise you with a little styling tips that I give you it’s going to make you look like you never thought you could just with a quick technique that takes less than one minute my number is 970-312-4994 I’m just a professional hairstylist but like I said less than one minute the technique that I’ll send you will make your hair look incredible

  4. I kind of get what you're saying, but you don't explain it very well. It seems like you go from one topic to another half way through a sentence and forget to finish talking about what you started with.

  5. I made my first million from investing in bitcoin, this expert is Mr Tony Ivanov , we met at a trading conference and he accepted to trade for me, I've had no course to regret ever since

  6. like all the millionaire videos on you tube. yall still failed where to start at.
    no 1 mentions school. no one says go buy the ca real estate exam book on audio books then go take the 3 required college courses.

  7. So I have a question; if i’m getting a mortgage and renting the rooms out to cover the cost of the payment and potential extra income, am I getting a 30 year mortgage, 15 year mortgage or a 5/1am?

  8. I've noticed that with all of these guys on youtube talking about real estate, they claim "oh it's so difficult" yet then at the end, they promote their service that is supposed to eliminate all of the headaches. Sounds like snake oil to me.

  9. How did this guy get over 300K subs? He talks in circles!! Don't flip! but flip just find someone with experience. don't buy a property for equity but we will help you buy for equity but "FAST" hahaha I'm done…

  10. How it's goin to work with repairs when you can do it on your own? I have lot of knowledge and skill in all aspects that one house needs! Being over 15 years doing Heating , plumbing, electricity… all of the constructional works. I rly think that i am capable of nailing real estate and the desire to start is really burning in my belly. I somehow know that i can do it, and be sure that im gonna look at all of your videos, even if i need to watch it 10 times over and over again.

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