Observations on the Market & Investing

Prof Galloway talks Bitcoin speculation, long-term investing, and the volatility of capital markets with Barry Ritholtz, founder and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Advisors and host of Bloomberg’s “Masters in Business” podcast. https://www.bloomberg.com/podcasts/masters_in_business

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Episode 162


50 thoughts on “Observations on the Market & Investing”

  1. Definitely one of your best interviews of the year. You two are so informative. I'm a part of an economics publication, and I produce equity reports. I value these companies holding Professor Damodaran's work as my Bible. Everywhere I look, I just can't find a good deal. All these popular companies seem very unappealing and far to close to fair value for comfort. I'm only 20 and I'm torn between giving up on equity research and value Investing all together in favor of passive investment. I called Amazon above market price and bought it on last week's low for a 13.78%, but the stock is closely approaching my fair value. I just can't find an attractive popular company. Should I just start investing in S&P 500 ETFs and save my time?

  2. No fucking way I am working into my 70s… I'm saving to retire at 50. I want to see you work into your 70s asshole. Sorry for the strong language but I don't like the idea of older people telling me I have to work into my 70s just because they won't die on time.

  3. PS post script your critics are idiots reading from the responses below anyone who would doubt historical data of the markets and Born with a functional brain knows that markets go up and down and just stick with the ones that last the longest

  4. Commodities & precious metals aren't even on this guy's radar as the most undervalued asset class of the decade. No different than the other bullish sheep in wall street chasing inflated P/E's.

    Keep sending in the muppets to buy indexes & Fang ETFs and pay no attention to massive corporate debt & rising interest rates. Don't worry, reversion to the mean after a decade of bubble blowing will be as gentle as an Autumn breeze.

  5. "US Stocks are fully valued or expensive"

    Probably true, except there are always bargains in any market, including in US stocks. Also if you're buying at the bottom of a market crash in your mid 20s and you're still planning on retiring 50-60 years, you need to downsize your lifestyle lol

  6. The new, best way to invest is as follows:
    1. 50% in Cryptocurrency; diversified between big caps such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, etc. DON'T STOP HERE. Use trading bots to buy and sell at the most opportune times automatically: https://cryptotrader.org/?r=2596
    2. 25% in a stocks/bonds mutual fund. Vanguard, Betterment, Wealthfront, Acorns, etc.
    3. 25% in real estate (REIT/eREIT). The favored method here would be Fundrise: https://fundrise.com/r/51oxk

    You can change these percentages to 33% each, but the reason the Crypto investment would be so high is that the vast majority of your earnings will come from that sector. You must then take those earnings and responsibly reinvest them in such a way as to keep your portfolio on track.

  7. I really enjoyed the definitions being displayed on the screen. They really helped bridge the gap between learned professors, and a sorry undergrad looking to see if finance interests him. Thanks for the great content and keep it up!

  8. WTF is Scott talking to a sales man selling his book where he makes the most $? This guy's calls are as good for you as his calls on what he stuffs his mouth with. Crypto Currency is gonna make these guys look like idiots when one watches this in a few years.

  9. This man offers virtually no valuable insight. One of the few L2 videos I found to be not worth the time. His advice was generic and lacked any actionable insights. Also it's funny to see someone with probably little to no understanding make a bet against bitcoin. Curious if he sees any value in blockchain technology. Hell I hardly believe in BTC specifically, but I recognize that, like all 'bubbles' it's more likely to reach unimaginable heights than crash so soon. US investors have only just begun to dive into crypto's. I think it's more likely to surpass 20k than fall below 1k in 2018. Premature to assume that craze is over this early

  10. Among my favourite smart guys….Sorry Barry but Bitcoin is just like other emerging technologies of the past, ridiculed in the early days and widely in use some time later. Everything from the automobile to the PC went through the same progression

  11. Suppliers list on Amazon; the problem of inequality is not Amazon, it is a world of competition and winner takes all. Amazon has won the product platform, not each product category. Google lists the most useful companies related to your search (okay, like every company, they highlight themselves at times). It is not like they hide other companies; even if they down-listed their own service, I bet the Google service would be great, and I would seek it out.

  12. Bitcoin is such BS. It is literally -NOTHING-.
    The only people using it are those that are stupid enough to buy it! And, the creators now that the next generation of people are mostly ignorant to finances and will eventually not even understand how legal tender even works. If you bet on anything it should be that BC will fail 90%.

  13. Many negative comments, sometimes even insulting so I want balance it out by saying how much I respect Barry and what he's been doing for such a long time. I'd love to work at RWM or better yet have them managed my money someday.

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  15. I really liked your idea, it turned out an interesting and excellent video about the investment. Successfully investing money is not an easy task. How much money to invest, how and what to choose stocks and indexes, how to optimally make up an investment portfolio and so on.

  16. Seriously !! This guys might have made it big by doing similar speculative investments. But saying BITCOIN is speculative as HELL.. is telling me he knows jack shit about this space

  17. Another snake-oil salesman after your fees.   WTF is wrong with you, Scott?  Getting lazy or just plain selling out for business relationships? Damn that's low, Scotty.Get some real guests like you usually do before people drop your whiney ass channel.   BTW, how are you going to outperform 90% of your peers by taking the same approach?   Even from a logical standpoint, this is total bullshit.  I've devoted the better portion of my adult life to market behavior, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that this spiel is specifically tailored to bullshit you into paying him fees.

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