I’m Scared To Start Investing.

I’m Scared To Start Investing.
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46 thoughts on “I’m Scared To Start Investing.”

  1. It's disappointing to see all the negative comments here. I for one applaud this guy for working hard and living within his means to be able to be where he is today. I'm sure he has made sacrifices throughout his life that most of the naysayers here wouldn't be willing to make. I hope that he figures out the investing style that works best for him and continues to be successful!

  2. If you want low risk, you can buy treasuries and municipal bonds. Just buy short term (unless you expect to hold them to maturity) because interest rates are going up which will cause the value of the bonds to drop.

  3. This guy needs to think longer term and not let the vicissitudes of the markets and economy bother him. he's only 44 and will not need this money for 20 years. Easier said than done though

  4. I realized a long time ago that no one owns property we only rent it from the government until we die…So much money in property investing but you always have to make more than the taxes cost you and the property taxes never stop…

  5. sometimes i wonder if Dave Ramsey secretly works for all collection agencies and debtors and secretly gets paid for all those companies to convince everyone to pay debts lol. Kind of joking but I still wonder sometimes lol.

  6. $400k in the bank with $90k left on the mortgage. How is a guy who is able to save $400k this dumb? He has a financial advisor? Sounds like that advisor needs to find a new profession, because he sucks at his current one.

  7. Now tell me America why u re even studying when u have this kind of debts ? Credit cars ? Car Loans ? I just cant get it why ? Now im from EU from Slovakia im working for 14 k € and 4k € from my lil business and i can save 40% from my annual income. I have 1.42 % on my mortgage fixed sooo can someone tell me why should average american overspend so much ? Or is it just for Dave Ramsey Show ?

  8. I know exactly what he means. I've had my money sitting in my checking for the longest scared to do anything with it. It's recently that I've started making moves to putting it in savings, and making plans on putting it in some real investing accounts.

  9. I am kind of in the position that this caller is in, but on a VERY tiny scale. I have a very tiny amount saved compared to well-to-Americans, but compared to Indians, I'm among the top savers in this country. I paid off all my debt in November, and I looked, planned, looked again, and planned again during December to figure out "WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MONEY?" I'm terrified of losing this money, too!

    I had to think, "What is the least amount of money I'm willing to have in the bank account? What do I have in there now? Where can I put it? How much do I have left at the end of the month?" This is the second time I've had this problem. The first time was when I was a silver saver (bullion and junk silver) for over a decade. I decided to cash out prior to leaving for India. That's when it came in handy. I had surgery 3 times, and I had to pay that off, but not when I was living in America. I managed to wipe out the surgery bills in 5 months. And I have a pretty good amount of money left.

  10. No brainer. With 415,000 laying around there's no way I'd have a mortgage. If things go south you don't wanna lose your home. And work becomes optional when you don't have debt

  11. I just paid off all but my little work car, had enough to pay off the house or the car and part of the house. Didn't exactly follow Dave's plan, but I've lost my job before and I figure the worst thing the banks can do is take my car. I can always drive a hoopty and live in a nice house, or drive a nice car and live in the hood. I like option number one.

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