How To Make +$900 A Day Investing In The Stock Market

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17 thoughts on “How To Make +$900 A Day Investing In The Stock Market”

  1. so the patterns you look for is sell-off pre-mkt with a sell-off in early morning hours. after the mid-morning sell-off the recovery. Is that what you mean when you say look for the patterns? Thanks for the info. I trade and I usually make a couple of hundred a day when I do and sometimes 4 to 6 hundred a day but that level is rare. Still looking for my 1k and more day though.

  2. Just so you know they have TOS in Canada. Up 435 on GUSH didn't see your call yesterday, simply recognized the pattern. Up 190 on AMD. 600+ For the day.

    What do you think about the following for Monday?

    HTZ hitting support at 17.30 and breaking the EMA on the 4hr
    UAN finishing up the wedge and finding support on the 180SMA w/ an upside pattern on the 4hr

  3. Hey Y'all check out these 3 stocks I found. They have a really nice history of ups & downs, good for swinging!! BEN, TRGP & CNX ……Right now I'm on the DGAZ & SHLD but always looking for other game changers!

  4. Hey Ricky what platform do you trade on. Im new to trading and have been using Robinhood but can't make a day trade and I feel I can do better if I get away from Robinhood.

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