UPDATE: Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy – March 2018

Another month, another update on my cryptocurrency investing strategy. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.


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42 thoughts on “UPDATE: Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy – March 2018”

  1. I'm disillusioned by the trend of the crypto space. The whole point of crypto was to give back the control of money to the people. Nowadays almost everyone just hoping for crypto to moon in order to cash out back to fiat. Rather than trying to spend crypto like a currency, all we do is speculate.

  2. Ok so by now MANY of you guys have come to realize I was correct about JSNIP4 being nothing but a PUMPER ..and you must by now realize I was correct when I called Louis part of the scammers on YouTube. It's taken a few months for the truth to finally be in full viiew of most but the evidence is all there for anyone seeking the truth. Louis has been LYING for MONTHS about paid promotions and this was verified by Bitcoin Official YouTube channel whos' behind the BURST coin how pretty much every youtuber like Louis & JSNIP4 receive almost WEEKLY invites to pump tokens or coins…yet most never disclose money/coins received!
    Louis was lying and now most are aware I was Bang On with my analysis of JSNIP4..and Louis.

  3. Despair? It is coming to the traditional stock market(s) which is on its way. Cryptomarkets, especially BTC will become safe-landing for many traditional and existing crypto investors.

  4. Thank you so much Paul, I just made withdrawal of my total profit worth $87,000 and I started with just $4,000.
    How I wished my late dad can see me now and see how his son has made a fortune from a trade he never believed in.
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  6. Looks like the Korean FUD started the massive selloff and that was largely based on pure fear and not a lot of actual fact. Looking forward, without some really bad news, it's unlikely we will see another massive selloff.

  7. Should I have a wallet? I hear a lot of talk about it but I have my coins in Binance where I purchased them and have never bought a wallet to put them in

  8. LMC under 20 millions MC, 70 employees, alone in Location Based Advertising field, Great app on Android with Overt-The-Counter functionality, 24% Pos Interest ☀☀☀☀☀

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  10. Considering the multitude of crypto hackers being watched and charged, many countries frowning on, banning or blocking cryptocurrency, energy usage has been a recent concern due to miners moving to where energy costs are low and this effects everyone as it makes khw prices spike as well as it will never be considered a nation wide acceptable currency. I do honestly believe that the bubble will not just burst but be stamped out

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  13. Hey Louis, I put all my money into cryptos when bitcoin was around $20,000.00 only to discover online wallets are not safe. What would you do if you were in the same boat that I am in? Should I spread it around on several different exchanges (like coin base and Bittrex) so if one gets hacked I won't loose everything? I bought the nano s and trezor but can't figure out how to use them. And I damn sure can't figure out paper wallets. I heard you have to do a paper wallet off line. How can you create a paper wallet when you are off line? Should I take my nano s… trezor… and computer to a computer shop and have them do it for me? If I were to cash out right now I would loose around 70% of my money, so I am stuck with what I have.

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