WePower (WPR) – Most promising green energy project?

WePower is a very interesting project. For me a few things are clear: they have a market ahead of them that is quickly growing, needed and almost no competition. Also, the WePower WPR token economics are extremely attractive with dividends of 10% the first year, 35% the second year up to 100% the third year.
The partnerships they made the last few weeks and their relationship with the European Commission are also very promising.

Articles partnerships:




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29 thoughts on “WePower (WPR) – Most promising green energy project?”

  1. I need x3 within 4 months.
    What would you recommend me?
    I like Ncash long term. Maybe x100 within 2 years haha
    But what would you recommend me for now?
    Do you think the bnb coin burn from April will be good for a great profit?

  2. Quinten, supporter here, with all the youtube creators being approached for paid reviews from these companies can you say which of yours are and are not sponsored?

  3. I think you missed the bigger picture of Wepower, wepower will also be used by energy plants to distribute energy to consumers with out the use of the middle man, therefore the whole energy transaction between producer and consumer will be done on the blockchain using Wepower technology. This is what the test with elering is all about on April

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