25 thoughts on “TRADING FROM 250K TO 500K #11 – LEAGUE SBC INVESTING!! (FIFA 18 Trading)”

  1. Hi mate! Great vids! While investing in these league SBCs would you say that is actually better to wait for the SBC release instead of selling to the hype? What's you thoughs on Girona team for La Liga SBC? Looks to me like a similar case to Lille in the Ligue 1. I've been getting a few LMs…

  2. Nick, did you record this on Sunday past? Because Bernardo Silva record on Futbin shows he hasn't been 3600 since Sunday yet your video is buying him at that price? So your video is deceiving people because when you posted this prices are not the same you show….. Its out of date

  3. Today I was hard trading and suddenly "connection was lost", servers down. I NEED TO KNOW IF MY BID ON Tif Mertens WAS THE WINNING ONEEEE!!! EA wake up you stupid idiots and fix this horrendous game.

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