Top 5 Questions when Investing in Real Estate: The Cardone Zone

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Where to find a deal?
Where do I get financing?
How much money do I need?
What markets should I be in?
Should I use home equity line?

Start in your backyard, if you live in Turkey don’t try to shop in Miami, start where you are, in your neighborhood. How do you find properties? You go and look at them, you drive through your neighborhood—there are properties everywhere. The question isn’t how you found the property, it’s how you decided to buy it. I found a Houston property even though it wasn’t listed. The first question should not be where do I find money but where do I find deals? Because if you can’t find deals it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Home ownership is going down while renting is going up over the last 30 years. Car ownership went down while leases are going up. That’s because people don’t want to own stuff anymore, they want to use stuff!



27 thoughts on “Top 5 Questions when Investing in Real Estate: The Cardone Zone”

  1. can anyone help me out?:
    i dont get this: why are people afraid of the market crashing? if you own multi family rental income property you still get the same rent every month so what the fear?

  2. hi ran and grant cardone how to start investing? i watched your videos still learning , and can ou explain couple steps ? also can you do a show just on closing sales ., i m going into real estate so i want to learn that ,thanks for all your videos. great work!

  3. Hi! Thanks for your material I am learning a lot from your shows and looking into investing in joint ventures where I can put a portion of my money into a deal and not worry about management. I am a Canadian do you have foreign investors in your deals?

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