The Top May 2018 Stocks I’m Watching | Investing 2018

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21 thoughts on “The Top May 2018 Stocks I’m Watching | Investing 2018”

  1. Hey ricky, does the stock $299 program come with the $145 car reselling program? cuz u mention it as a bonus, but would i get in the "Inner circle"? great video, great knowledge, appreciate you

  2. Much respect for Ricky and the rest of the Techbuds crew. What a great community. I can't wait to join the program after I get paid. And for those asking for discounts? This is by FAR the best value out there for learning to trade stocks intelligently. You should be lobbing out tips after your first month of profits. Happy trading!

  3. I would like to let you know i subscribed and i have been watching you the past two weeks. i'm more invested in penny stocks right now but i just started 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately i can not take your free classes because i work 6 am to 230 pm EST. I have put $200 in so far and closed Friday at $207. i did get $50 of USLV but i am mostly focused on INTX NVCN INPX (INPX is a potential OOPS, but i'm sitting on it waiting for earnings and they just got compliance) and BTX. i bought these friday. i did have all my money invested in nvcn and sold 3200 shares for profit. I have 300 shares left for earnings report. i already made my money on it but the 300 i am keeping til earnings. i could lose $10 or make maybe $35. It is a risk but that is also why i sold most of the shares. I would like to thank you Ricky for teaching me things. i May be a little too impatient for the stocks you are buying but i am gaining patience with INPX and NVCN. This will help me make 1 month swings or so. I am using robin hood so i cant day trade however i used two daytrade tokens to make about $10 on NVCN Friday. I was down to $196 for the week and jumped to $207 Friday…. i mean how much lower can you go then 4 cents? lol i saw a low of like .03 something. it could jump any time to .07. i sold most of my stocks around .065 to .068. Thanks Ricky. Sorry i can not join your team due to work. But i will continue watching and i subscribed this morning. Anyone reading this do not take my advice. most of my stocks are very risky. Im trying to make enough money to buy a house for my wife and her two kids. She hates where we live and her dad recently passed away. He actually passed the day after i started trading when i found robin hood.

  4. Hi, I'm from Puerto Rico and ever since I've discovered the stock market I have been deeply interested and motivated to pursue my dreams in being successful in it. Now the thing is not many people are knowledge in this regard here in Puerto Rico so it has been difficult trying to completely learn on my own and most people out there charge something for even asking them, but I don't judge I understand why it is… Anyway I digress, I have been watching your videos for some time and find more logic in your methods than most others. The way I would like to trade is to get in a stock hold it for a maximum of 10 days and at least 5% or more a week. 

    I have been using finviz since it's free (I'm really on a budget since hurricane Maria) to scan for stocks and I consider it to be pretty good. I scan for stocks with low to no debt, good earnings quarter over quarter that have been down this week or at least 3 or more consecutive red days and with an avg volume over 300k. The moment I scan I add some stocks to my watchlist and just wait to see if they break the previous day's high and some noticible patterns here and there. At times is works at times it doesn't haven't really been able to get really consistent. 

    I just need a little guidance to be pointed in the right direction. Do you think the way I scan for stock is the right way or is there something I'm missing?? 

    Thanks for your time appreciate it.

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