Chase’s New Investing App Offers Free Trades

JP Morgan Chase unveils its new investing app, You Invest. The move by the country’s biggest bank includes at least 100 free trades in the first year, instantly intensifying the price war that is occurring throughout the investing landscape.
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Chase’s New Investing App Offers Free Trades | CNBC


35 thoughts on “Chase’s New Investing App Offers Free Trades”

  1. Used to be on Robinhood but I moved to Webull when it came out Its faster than Etrade lol. Yea a lot of people I know are jumping on these apps cause they can finally make money without fees making it hard to grow an account. They are also all under the age of 40. I don't think they will move to banks trying to jump in on the trend. Also, I Use M1 which I am up 12%. These apps are really helping out regular people.

  2. It is just so annoying that I had not invested a long time ago, I actually mailed HILLS Two months ago, but I was nervous and ran away because I wasn't really sure and what I had was not actually enough or should I say my last cash? it wasn't just the right time. The first investment I made 2 weeks ago of $2,500 won me $34,000 the result is not so easy to bring to reality, I must applaud his efficiency as I'm not the only one he has done this for, contact him by email Frankpeterhills@gmail com

  3. Stash and robinhood is what I use for investing. Stash is good for ppl with little money to invest because you can buy partial shares. Robinhood is really good to use cause it’s simple and gets the work done. No complaints on either platform

  4. "App of the month" Yeah just go ahead and say Robinhood bud, we all know who is taking your business. Also, App of the month is gonna be App of the year and so forth and so forth. They're just better than you.

  5. 1 year free (if your not day trading)…but after that you pay $3 for every trade. I mean this is a neat promotion but if you have your Chase account connected to Robinhood or Matador(same thing), there is no advantage to switch to Chase You Invest. All those 3 dollar fees could have been spent on growth stocks, dividend stocks, etc.

  6. I dont really care about free trade. it's only about $6 dollar for me anyway and $6 dollar is like .06 cents because when you are throwing in $1k like dollar bill in the stock market then you wont give a crap about a $6 or $10 dollar commission. Remember they say only about 100 free trade then after that you might have to start paying commission, it's on the description of the video. 100 Free trade is more then enough to last a life time still if you're a casual trader or a long time hauler. Commission fee shouldn't even your concern because if you're too concern about commission fee then you are investing in all the wrong company because the right company to invest will double or more of your investment within a year or so. if i can turn $5 investment into $20k within a couple month then anybody can do it. I didn't invest in big shot company or go big, i took the riskier road into the OTC market with undervalue stock. The right time to buy, the right time to sell and the right company should be more of a concern than commission fee.

  7. I'll likely close out Acorns and transfer it over, but… I highly doubt this beats Robinhood or even comes close. With regards to banking however, Chase is the big boss for sure. Love them.

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