28 thoughts on “Warren Buffett on Apple investing in Tesla: It would be a poor idea”

  1. When investing in Tesla stocks one must ask: why is Elon trying to enter the Europe and China marker when local demand hasn't even been made? Also how will Tesla address the autopilot reliability on foreign roads in a country like China? These foreign buyers may soon find themselves shortchanged. These aftermath sentiments may very likely affect the company and is a therefore a high risk stock.

  2. Buffett is a major stock holder of China's BEV manufacturer BYD and is protecting his own ass. This sleeze-bag geezer would be panhandling on a street corner in Omaha if it wasn't for Charlie Munger.


    Tesla is probably one of the best stocks to hold for the long term. Here's why:

    1. Tesla is not just a car company, it is also in the photovoltaic business. They continuously install solar panels on roofs and even have their gigafactories installed with solar panels to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also reduce their costs.(Not to mention the boring company)

    2. Speaking of costs, Tesla is the only auto maker that is able to cut down costs by closing many physical locations to buy cars saving them millions (from labor wages, property management, etc.) and have increasingly made their online sales a bigger part of the way they handle business. If you have not test driven a Tesla, you can buy one and drive it for 1000 miles and then return it if you weren't satisfied.

    3. Tesla is actually very well protected from competition. Tesla has the best electric cars compared to any other auto-maker that is in the business. What's more, they have the best autonomous self-driving capabilities than their competition. The software gathers data based on every person using autonomous self driving and making it better every single day. With a market cap of $60b, I think just this makes Tesla stock undervalued.

    4. The technology behind electric cars has almost reached the capabilities of what a gasoline powered car can do in such a short period of time. The only downside to battery powered vehicles is the amount of time it takes for it to charge, but with a better technological advancement already underway, that makes it small problem in the grand scheme of things. Tesla is already in front of every electric car automaker and is likely to keep its spot as the tech behind the cars advances. With economies of scale, as their technology improves and makes it cheaper to mass produce, their electric cars will be cheaper than any gasoline powered cars.

    5. Tesla has nearly doubled their revenue in just 1 year from 2017 to 2018. I was incredibly surprised when I saw this, because even if Tesla is not a profitable company yet, their increasing revenue is blowing all their competitors out of the park and soon enough the company will turn profitable for more than 1 quarter as their business as a whole, improves.

    I will be starting an investing/money channel soon so please consider subscribing if you liked this analysis I made. The stock does have volatility in it and makes a good pick for swing traders, but it is also a great stock for the long term, I'm not a financial adviser but I recommend this stock to anyone for the long term because tesla truly is one of the best companies out there.

  4. tesla inside apple will be like monsanto inside bayer, a excellent company being destroyed by a host company. plus its ridiculous a pc phone manufacturer start going into the car bussyness.

  5. It's a shame I love me some.warren but he is so far off with Bitcoin and Elon it's crazy. It's gotta be because he loves banks. What I find crazy is he has big investments in visa and master card which are literally what Bitcoin is meaning they produce nothing just like Bitcoin

  6. The only way I see this happening is if apple dismantles Tesla completely and just take their technology because otherwise, they are exposing themselves to so much risk in owning an automotive company. These guys make a living of 5-10% profit margins on each car, plus all the infrastructure investment they are going to have to make to keep ahead of the competition.

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