HOW I INVEST WITH BETTERMENT | Best Investing Tool For Beginners

Diving deep into the question about how I use Betterment to invest and why I recommend it as an amazing investing tool for beginners.


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24 thoughts on “HOW I INVEST WITH BETTERMENT | Best Investing Tool For Beginners”

  1. Hey Tess, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering if you could do a video on taxes? Especially those who are self employed or contractors, what deductibles they can have & how to ensure they are keeping the right amount of money to pay for taxes at the end of the year, please & thank you!

  2. Hey, just curious, what are titles of the other 3 books on the table under the “Winning Investing Strategy” book? Looking to expand my library (only have 2 investment books so far). Thanks

  3. So i have been using betterment for the last 6 months and i don't know if it is just the state of the market right now or what but i just am constantly losing money. i didn't put much in to start (i am glad now that i didn't) so it's not a big loss but as my first foray into the world of investing it has made me nervous about adding any more. I also have a pretty conservative account i think 60 stocks and 40 bonds. Is it just the stock market in general is down right now? or is betterment just underperforming? let me know if anyone has any ideas.

  4. 8:50 the smart saver account, to my understanding, is a savings or money market account on mild steroids. Just a higher interest rate than a savings account. You can put any extra money in there that you have in your personal checking account and can withdraw or transfer it to one of your investment accounts at any time. I haven't seen any fees from withdrawals yet so I can't tell you about that.

  5. great video! what's your opinion on taking the majority of substantial money that's just sitting in a low-interest savings account and putting it into their general investing? I read an article from someone reviewing the service who said they're perfectly comfortable just putting their entire old 401k in there

  6. Hi Tess, Thank you for this video and sharing your knowledge to help others! Do you know what exactly Betterment is investing your money into? Because if it's things like oil, fracking, nukes or Monsanto, we may inadvertently be undermining our planet and our own health. No one seems to talk about this just about making money, and there is such a thing as socially and environmentally responsible investing. Could you say a word about this, if you've thought about it or read up on it? It seems this should be a top priority topic on everyone's mind these days, considering the state of the planet. It affects us all.

    Also, even if you can't share numbers, could you say overall what percentage you have earned on top of your capital over your entire time using Betterment so far?

  7. Could you please explain why turning On tax loss harvesting can be problematic if you’re investing somewhere else as well. For example I invest in Betterment and buy company shares on a different platform.

    with your money. Absolutely awful institution. Been a complete nightmare, 6 figures of money in limbo. Called in and was on hold for 55+ minutes, and they don't respond to emails. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  9. I couldn't use them. That 0.25% management fee on top of ETF net expense ratios is too much money lost in fees for my tolerance.

    I can get a Charles Schwab Index Target date retirement fund at 0.08% net expense ratio. Another less costly option is M1 Finance.

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