4 Ways To Reduce Your Risk When Investing in Property

Whether buying in a rising or declining market you want to reduce your risk when investing in property. Here are 4 proven ways to reduce your risk when investing in property.
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0:00 – Introduction
1:05 – The market we are currently in
1:47 – Property goes through cycles, as do all markets
2:45 – #1: Invest in the right market cycle
3:58 – A great tool for learning which market is in which cycle
5:28 – Ryan’s moving back to Sydney 🙁
6:09 – Another great market report to look at
8:22 – 3 practical ways to reduce your risk at a property level
9:47 – #2: Invest for long term capital growth
11:47 – Taking a longer term view
13:15 – #3: Invest for positive cash flow
14:45 – Life risks you need to take into account
17:45 – You have to work hard to get a property with BOTH positive cash flow and capital growth
18:20 – #4: Invest for manufactured growth
20:26 – You can get both equity growth and/or cash flow growth opportunities
22:05 – By reducing your risk you’re also maximising your chance of a good return
23:10 – Special offer to help you create a strategy that reduces your risk
24:08 – The risks of not investing
25:00 – Have a 15-20 year plan
27:41 – What are you going to do with this advice?

Resources Mentioned in this Video
Suburb Research Course – https://onproperty.com.au/suburb/

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