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Buy Right, Sit Tight! Aashish Somaiyaa, Chief Executive Officer, Motilal Oswal Asset Management, shares a few tips and tricks for investors to keep in mind while investing in volatile markets only on #EquitySahiHai
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4 thoughts on “Basic Philosophies While Investing | Equity Sahi Hai”

  1. Sir, i started investing in Mutual fund for 1.5 years and I do invest Rs. 15000 per month via SIP. ( I know I am little late).
    Rs. 5000 in SBI blue chip , Rs. 5000 in Axis long term equity (ELSS), Rs. 3000 in Reliance small cap and Rs.4000 in HDFC mid cap.
    I want to increase Rs. 8000 more.
    My monthly income is 65k .
    Should I step up my existing SIPs or buy new one as I don't have Multicap and Hybrid fund in my portfolio.
    If you want me to buy new SIP then which fund I go for, Multicap or hybrid fund.
    I have two goals ,
    1st , I want to buy home after 8-10 years (Rs. 3000000, rest home loan) and 2nd is retirement and children marriage corpus time horizon – 25 years.
    I have term insurance (HDFC click to protect with income option) of 1 cr and corporate Health insurance.
    My age is 32 years .

    Regards ,
    Prince Kamboj

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