Should I Stop Investing To Pay Off Car Debt?

Should I Stop Investing To Pay Off Car Debt?

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21 thoughts on “Should I Stop Investing To Pay Off Car Debt?”

  1. Why does Dave always ignore tax? Also disagree stopping investing in pension or your personal portfolio – regardless if you are only investing $5000 or $500 or $50 a month (whatever ratio is for you). That compounding of that money of 30-40 years is too much to miss out on and keeps disciplined habit. Sure you reduce your investment in portfolio/pension etc until debt is paid off as you want that high interest short term debt cleared. For example that 1 year of just $100 a month (say $1200 for first year) is worth over $140,000 after 40 years as average return in the market just left there. So if you were 25 and just missed that 1 year of only $100 a month that is a insane loss when you reach your 60's in retirement. Dave is wrong on this point. I agree debt needs to be cleared fast but do not contribute ZERO to investments, add at leas a few $'s !!!

  2. I struggle with the idea that there is no, bar none, debt you can carry. In a case like this video: say I can save 30k a year, dump it into a tax shelter, instantly rewarding myself on tax return and then on top of that, investing and getting a good % from those investments… The cost of my loan may be nearly nothing so many dealers do promotions like 1% APR… I would still need a car, and under this view Id have a car and be a year ahead saving… So how is it the shortest path to wealth? It seems the math doesn't add up here… @daveramsay

  3. All these people commenting about the caller need to stop being so mean. She seems to have a mental condition and that is not something to laugh about. You all should be ashamed of making fun of someone in her mental condition.

  4. I did the debt snowball thanks to Dave because I was angry at my debt.

    Now I have no debt other than my mortgage which I'm seriously attacking.

    Feels good to be debt free. Now if I can't pay for it cash I don't buy it.

    Dave is right, avoid consumer debt.

  5. Good advice. I watch alot of your videos here on YouTube. I have a auto loan I've been paying on for a year. I have about 5 more years of payments at 4% interest, but after watching this and other videos of yours, I am going to suspend my investing and try to get the loan paid off in 3 years or less.

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