4 Reasons New Real Estate Investors FAIL

In this video, Brandon Turner shares the four most common mistakes new & beginner real estate investors make that lead to them failing or never even landing their first real estate investment deal.

If you’re looking to get started investing in real estate, this video is a MUST WATCH!


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45 thoughts on “4 Reasons New Real Estate Investors FAIL”

  1. He gave us “a million resources in this video”. 99% is his resources, his content. Im sure theres helpful content there but these are the channels i steer clear of. Thanks for the video.

  2. I manage a lot of property… 1 tip if your looking at coastal properties… look to see if the property is in a flood plain and if your going to need Flood Insurance. Flood insurance killed 2 different deals for me cash flow wise. Its FUCKING expensive.

  3. Love your beard sir!!!
    You, Josh and David have turned my life around.
    I have listened to every episode of your podcast.
    You guys are fantastic!!!
    Thank you so much for everything!!!!

  4. Awesome video. Brandon I was curious if you had a video on how you got started out and a path you took just so I could get some ideas on where to start. Thanks.

  5. Great video as always Brandon! Education and perseverance is always the key to success, whether it relates to real estate or anything in life. That’s why with my company, I love to teach as well as help clients find that perfect property. Plus would works be as fun if you weren’t teaching as well?

    Thanks again for the video.

  6. 1: lack of education: read some books and learn from a mentor

    2: bad math: check the math and make sure ur getting a good deal

    3: bad management: get good at managing all aspects of ur deal

    4: they give up: you will mess up, learn from it

    Your welcome. Please like, thank u

  7. Wow I can see why this guy is wealthy. He’s a walking advertisement for himself.
    “Make sure to watch until the end of the video”
    “Smash like!”
    “But my book”
    “Check our this podcast I host!”
    “Check out my other video!”
    All in the span of the first 3 minutes.

  8. 1: lack of education
    2: bad math
    3: bad management
    4: they give up

    All great points! and Real Estate Investing isn't built for everyone… However…

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