11 Things Millionaires Don’t Invest In

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“People chase investing that appears cute or clever, but cute or clever is like a one-hit wonder. I want you to avoid investments that reach a fast height and then drop significantly.” – Chris Hogan

In this episode, I talk with callers and share two segments about things millionaires don’t invest in, based on our findings and research of over 10,000 millionaires. I want you to also check out what I do want you to invest in: http://bit.ly/2EvoIE0

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42 thoughts on “11 Things Millionaires Don’t Invest In”

  1. Advice on bitcoin is ridiculous. Anyone who understands deflationary hard money knows this. Its a massive risk NOT to have 1-5% of your net worth in Bitcoin at this point.

  2. Eliminate debt, invest in stocks, and perhaps most importantly…grow your income! The fastest way to increase your wealth is to increase the amount you have to invest.

  3. Prediction before I watch:
    1: Lotto tickets
    2: Whole life
    3: Annuities
    4: Penny stocks
    5: Expensive cars
    6: Waffles, tasty fluffy waffles.

    That is all I could come up with, lets watch and see how close I get.

  4. 16:20
    1- Savings Bonds
    2- Prepaid College Plan
    3- Prepaid Burial Plan
    4- Certificates of Deposit
    5- Gold
    6- Trends – Bitcoin
    7- Single Stocks
    8- Business Loans
    9- Leveraged Investing
    10- Complicated Retirement Strategies
    11- Doing it Yourself without help

  5. what baffles me each time – these "oh i know what you did wrong and here is what you gonna do" guys make you believe they help you when in reality, all they do is promote their own income, like this networth site, they just want your email, like richdad, poor dad, same thing there. you would guese a men with a few milion in the bank has enough, no, they want more. you know what hogan, i know what he have, and i know what we owe, nothing, do you know what you owe me?

  6. I don't think renting allows you to save money to buy a house. Renting is just as expensive unless you're rent is well below your means or sharing with a bunch of people. Staying with his family like that guy and wife will help you save money to put down on a mortgage.

  7. Is there a difference between Dave Ramsey show and this Chris Hogan show? I don't see it. I prefer listening to Dave, no offense Chris. Is Dave thinking of retiring and having Chris take over? That will be a sad day to not have Dave anymore.

  8. Im in the 19% only because I am just coming to the realization through the Holy Spirit finally getting through to my thick skull that you don't go into debt to have a better way of living. Also from being inspired by my husband to want to have more for our children when they get older. Thank you Chris Hogan from Bianca in the Bahamas!!!

  9. I thought I liked this guy, but he doesn't seem to understand that gold will never lose it's value. He also doesn't get Bitcoin and how it's an alternative currency to the Federal reserve notes that automatically put the country in more debt. He lost all my respect for him. I wonder what other things he doesn't get in his sphere of influence…

  10. Don't invest in ANYTHING that is advertised on 2 hour infomercials at 2 AM… tech bubble, housing bubble, gold bubble, reverse mortgages, etc

  11. 11 things dont invest in
    1. savings bond
    2. pre paid college tuition
    3. prepaid burial plans
    4. CDs
    5. GOLD
    6. bitcoin
    7. single stock
    8. business loan
    9. leverage investment schemes
    10. HELOC
    11. complicated investment strategy, self driven investments

  12. Speaking of music. My uncle and invests in music catalogs from popular artist and he makes a killing off of it. Granted, you have to come in with at least 100K. But owns Whitney Houston songs that bring in 20k per year or better. And this just one catalog he owns.
    I’m going to get my cash up and go into that. I’ve seen him make ridiculous money for over 10 years in that.

  13. Just found your channel today and really apprecialove the ease with which you explain things, so that its easy for anyone at any age to grasp. Although, im in London, i find jewels listening and wanted to know what you thought about leasing through a holding company as opposed to buying a new or high priced car for business/personal use. Is it a waste of money? X

  14. an ounce of gold in 2000 was worth $272, in 2019 it is about $1400. Factoring in inflation. $272 in 2000 is equivalent to $404.51, today.
    the real world advantages of Gold.

  15. an ounce of gold in 2000 was worth $272, in 2019 it is about $1400. Factoring in inflation. $272 in 2000 is equivalent to $404.51, today.
    the real world advantages of Gold.

  16. Buy gold right now, and you'll be happy in the next 2-3 years. He doesn't get it. 17:2018:35 mins. Don't invest in anything you don't understand. If you understand gold you know it's the place to be right now. It was also the place in 2000. If you bought then at 300-400.00 you a happy person. That was just the beginning to the gold bull market.

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