Is Real Estate Investing a Scam? (Learn basics with me)

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come along on this journey with me to learn about real estate. First time home buyers. Home flipping. It gets intimidating to get into this with so much information online. So I teamed up with a real estate agent that’s been flipping homes for over 10+ years and we get to go through this home purchase education together. From interior design to remodeling to investments or whatever it is. This is going to be a new series so lets give it a go!

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42 thoughts on “Is Real Estate Investing a Scam? (Learn basics with me)”

  1. Super interesting series idea, Joe! Especially for those who have always wanted to learn more about house flipping and what goes behind it. Having us learn with you and seeing the process from A to Z is super cool. Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Hey Joe! I must say that I'm really excited for this series (if you can call it that) because I have been interested into home improvements and renovations for some time now, but didn't even know where to begin.

  3. my running theory about old houses and carpets is when wall to wall carpet was new they actually believed that the cheap carpet onsale could always be premium quality still.

  4. well if you wait a few more months maybe around October you'll notice the price of real estate will be dropping as much as maybe 30 or more percent so you're seeing the curb of the recession we had from 2008 is still in effect now there was a bailout but that bailout was just a bubble of interest rates and inflation there is going to be a big huge drop in the real estate …..but if you can't afford to either buy it outright cash or put a huge payment down on it and you're doing this for investment reasons I would wait till it drops more as you probably know now that you calling me isn't doing too great hundreds of thousands of jobs argon retail shops by the thousands are closing big markets and shopping companies are closing….just my opinion though I would say wait it out a few more months….or longer….

  5. A lot of the homes that were ugly but affordable that Millennials might get a starter home has been placed out of their reach through decades of house flipping. Think about it, the new homes are not going to need flipping for decades. Imagine if you gentrify a neighborhood so you wipe out all the poor houses. The banks love that their property is fixed up, and the city loves it so they can tax the hell out of it. This trend works in a seller's market, and SoCal has dropped 20% in sales, so now it's a buyers market. It puts a squeeze on flipping. The flipping trend is helped by tv shows that are sponsored by Home Depot and Lowes.

  6. Man that’s crazy how much a house is over there. The house I’m looking to buy is 3 bedroom 2 baths 2,200 sqft and it’s for $178,900 and it’s a new house. Thank goodness I live where I do!

  7. I don't think real estate investing is a scam on its own but there are plenty of folks that use the power of knowledge to scam other unknowing individuals that are either too naiive or too greedy to realize that they're being scammed

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