Thursday Flipping Investments! WL Rewards Investing! FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Looks like we’re in store for a big time market rise this week after rewards! Again, focus on rare cards like meta past TOTW’s and other special cards!

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Flipping Investments! WL Rewards Investing! FIFA 19 Ultimate Team”

  1. Great video Nate.
    Decided to throw 3 million coins into future star kluivert last night, average price of 120k [ps4].
    1. 4 star combo, good pace, shooting, dribbling etc.
    2. There are only 2/3 web app pages of him on the market so very rare, especially for a card in this price range. He is already up to around 135k.
    3. He isn't too expensive so i will not lose too much on tax and he is affordable to a lot of people.
    4. Lots of good siera A cards have come out recently so some people might swap teams to siera A – Carniball immobile, carniball icardi, carniball mertens, carniball bonaventura, flashback De Rossi, FUT birthday: luakaku, Koulibably, costa, perisic sbc. Also have Savic weekly objective card and an 87 savic and another zapata card came out in this totw just now.
    5. Also he now has much less competition in LW spot because some people will have done perisic CAM SBC and some people will have packed D Costa fut birthday card too or will get him from fut swaps this month.

    I'll get back later this week with the results.

  2. Hey nate love the videos,
    I am torn between saving packs for tots or open them and work on completing icons because golds should be dropping next week onwards i hope, what you think? Thanks in advance.

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