M1 Finance Long-Term Dividend Investing

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M1 Finance Long-Term Dividend Investing

In this video I discuss the importance of managing emotions through volatility in the markets and economy. It’s much better to make investment decisions based on logic rather than unbridled worries.

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Disclaimer: I’m not your financial advisor, attorney, or tax professional, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. This video is intended for entertainment purposes only. Do your own due diligence, and take 100% responsibility for your financial decisions. Seek professional advice and guidance to aid your financial decisions. Referral links are present on my channel.


27 thoughts on “M1 Finance Long-Term Dividend Investing”

  1. Nice portfolio. Using M1 you probably don't need to sell to rebalance, you can reinvest dividends and allocate your new capital to rebalance. This can save you taxable events and you don't lose shares that have increasing dividends and adjusting your total dividends lower. Thanks for the vid

  2. Thank you for another video on the M1 portfolio:) as always you do a great job on not projecting fear in the markets, I too just let it ride, buy more at low points, M1 makes investing very simple!!

  3. Excellent Video! Recommendation for next video "Top 10 Growth stocks!" Following your advice I feel as though I've hit the point in my portfolio where I should start looking at potential growth stocks now that my Dividend Ratio feels like its a good balance of Monthly's with a few Quarterly's for stability and a boost. I've watched your One video that included some Growth Vs Dividend stocks. Would you recommend a BioPharma with a great pipeline like (PFE or GSK) or QSR, MCD, HON something like that? As Always, Thanks for your help and Keep it up!

  4. The expense ratios on several of your fund selections are very high and eat up a significant part of the dividends. You could select better etfs or stocks and do even better. I get you quickly just threw this portfolio together with free money, but still you are have to represent well to the community 🙂

  5. Hey Kenny, do you have your MI portfolio set on auto invest and auto re balance, and is that the only way you can do it on M1 or can you turn the "auto" feature off and manage the allocation and additional buys yourself? I still can't find any information on this.

  6. YOU are very aggressive with your picks. I would love to see how M1 compares to Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Fidelity, etc. Why did YOU pick M1? I hope it's not affiliate marketing only.

  7. Already have a couple brokerages, but do find the apparent simplicity of M-1 appealing. I had thought M-1 was just another Robo Adviser like Bettermint, where you couldn't pick individual stocks. But based on your video, it appears that you CAN select individual stocks. Is that the case?

  8. Hey Kenny, Love your portfolio I am thinking of using it as a guideline. My fear is that i have been hearing of an economic slowdown. Do you think maybe this portfolio is too at risk with 40% being overseas ?

  9. Hey Kenny I have vig and looking to by vym but I have alot of the single stock's in my portfolio does it make sense to have ETFs instead of single stocks of each company or keep both ETF and the single stock that's in the etf.

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