Ark Invest's Cathie Woods defends her Tesla to $4,000 call

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood defends her Tesla to $4,000 call.

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35 thoughts on “Ark Invest's Cathie Woods defends her Tesla to $4,000 call”

  1. Oh! Uh! But, Kathy, surely there is something wrong with Tesla, right?! No? Terrible management, right? No? Well…uh…vehicles not that great, right? No? Uh…their logo is too futuristic, what about THAT, Kathy?!

    TV analysts and interviewers just can't bear to hear anything good about Tesla.

  2. Time for truth bombs. The only Demand problem Tesla has is, it can't make enough cars to satisfy Demand. If no Demand existed why would China, of all nations, give Tesla a sweetheart deal on creation of a China factory? If Demand was needed would they not buy commercial ad time for the first time ever to increase demand? The reason Tesla stock is down is Big Oil, Car dealers, Corporate Media. The Tesla Supercharger network is currently capable of replacing gas stations nationwide for their current user base. Car dealer laws have limited Tesla outlets in many areas across the nation. Thus online sales the prefered method. Media at the very least is motivated by it's sponsors and Tesla hasn't taken a single ad out in any Media. At worse it is owned by Big Oil and actively trying to sabotage the company.

  3. CNBC is so negative on Tesla. Comcast's TV advertisements is their largest revenue. Comcast owns CNBC and their biggest contributors to their advertising on TV is GM. GM is one of the highest advertisers on television! Follow the trail! Tesla is here to stay!

  4. I laid in the weeds and waited until TSLA seemed to have bottomed and went scary long at ave. $202….no telling how it pans out later but SO FAR … well you know. Love the closing statement about the 5 yr. base, great point even if common stock market dogma. Another GREAT CNBC production.

  5. Elon said he wants a million robotaxis next year. That’s probably too optimistic but that’s initial goal. Instead of selling cars Tesla could have the robotaxis earning money. Tesla could easily be worth more than a trillion or more if robotaxis earn 20k a year (more likely earning way more than Uber drivers who can’t work 24/7) .

  6. She is absolutely correct.

    For nearly a decade now, Bear$ have predicted that TSLA would be a big bust. All that time NaySayers have told the world Tesla would go under 'any day now'. For even longer Trolls and $#0r+§ have warned that TSLA is 'worthless'. Those guys were all wrong.

    Every day that Tesla does not run out of money, go bankrupt, go out of business stands as evidence of their resilience and as proof that their doubters are wrong, incorrect on all points. Every day that passes without their predictions of doom and gloom taking place strengthens the resolve of TSLA Longs. Every day, week, month, or quarter that passes without the coming of that DOOM increases the upside.

    When there is a breakout in share price, all the Bear$ and $#0r+§ lose.

  7. 4,000 target on Tesla is a joke. Just shows even professionals get blinded by Musk. The cars are cool for some people, but the company (cars and solar garbage business), don't make money. This is a massive fraud. When Tesla goes down, so will Cathie's fund.

  8. Evidently it is not only the tyro who needs to be warned that while enthusiasm may be necessary for great accomplishments elsewhere, on Wall Street it almost invariably leads to disaster.

  9. She has a very valid point. Tesla is a combination of GM/XOM/NVDA all in house. There is tremendous potential for this company with their supercharger network alongside their cars. The proposition is simple I believe most folks with decent disposable income would rather drive electric cars. The biggest drawback is the price which she described can be reduced with efficiency leading to price reduction and range anxiety which the supercharger network could fight. Volatility exists but the product is loved and with mass market availability with price reduction they will dominate.

    Given a choice between.
    1.)Audi e-tron
    2.)Jaguar e-pace
    3.)Tesla Model 3
    4.)Mercedes EQC

    The choice is simple in clarity and simplicity. Tesla creates cars that are consumer friendly much like Apple back in the day with iphones. The model 3 you will find to be the cheapest option of the lot. The issue for Tesla moving forward will be one of standing head and shoulders above the rest. They ARE the electric car maker and that is first mover advantage that they need to seize and capitalize. Their in house selling excluding dealers will be helpful and their over the air updates are quite consumer friendly.

    All bets have thorns as the debt is getting high with Tesla and execution is paramount. Elon at times needs to chill with what comes out of both his mouth and Twitter account. He has created an incredible company and therefore should respect being an incredible steward of shareholder capital. Whether you hate or love Tesla the product is special and given the right price with demand could be THE or a stepping stone to electrification of the automotive industry!

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