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Rule #1 Investing is all about going deep on companies that understand and buying them when they are undervalued or go on sale. But what if you don’t want to spend the time to research? What’s the next best option?

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24 thoughts on “Index Investing | Phil Town”

  1. I’m 23, currently using robo investing (Stashaway, Singapore base company) to invest in some US bond ETF, Euro ETF, gold trust, and US equities. Would like to know you take on robo investing tool like that, and also some takes on Asian market. Thanks!

  2. So if you are behind on investing and need to play a catch up game – index investing is not the way to go? Are there no "aggressive" index type funds?

  3. Congrats on over 250K subscribers! You and others are educating many investors into intelligent ones(more competition). Thanks for reducing other intelligent investors competitive advantage(including myself…a wannabe one). Cheap valuable companies maybe more difficult to find. Market may not crash for another 10 years as a result (still can be volatile and flat year over year though).

  4. Index investing is the best game in town in most 401K programs. …which of course many people end up investing in because employer match, and IRA contribution limits.

  5. I prefer individual stocks and I love the ups and downs.That will allow me to reinvest when other investments are in the dips to buy more shares back. I’m 30. But one Roth is invested all in ETF’s

  6. If you to be financially free and stay that way, invest in index funds like S & P 500. For vast majority of people, index investment is just fine. Do not do stock picking, if you are NOT a professional investor. You will loose big time. Simple as that. Just look at S&P500 return for last 20 years. You will be amazed how many professional mutual fund managers from Ivy league college do NOT beat the index. Google Warren Buffet's 1 million dollar bet with hedge funds guy for his index investment.

  7. mutual funds are just as thoughtless and easy, and there are less volatile options there. it is better to use them now when we are at risk of facing an imminent recession. switch to index etfs after we crash

  8. I'm in my mid 20's and i have a decent amount of ETFs. ETFs are great and been doing it for 3 years now. But recently, i realized that i need to dig deeper into investing that's why i decided to read Phil's Rule#1 book and started learning it. I have taken action and did every step on that book . Now, i have my top 30 US businesses and 15 Canadian businesses (as I recide in Canada) to scrutinize their 3rd M (management). I will continue to do every homework I can to have good businesses in my watchlist. THANK YOU Phil for the opportunity especially that rule#1 toolbox which really help me find great businesses.

  9. I am an individual stock investor because I love investing, but I have some family members who don’t wanna be an individual stock investor but still wanna invest. I guess index fund or ETF should be fine with them.

  10. Buffett is a huge advocate of Index investing. He bet $1 million that his S & P investment would beat a hedge fund manager over 10 years. Buffett won his bet. Buffett says the best fund managers can’t beat the indexes. Ray Dalio says the same. He says don’t try and beat a game that is played by professionals with a lot more experience and technical expertise at their disposal. You will lose. I tend to believe him. Everyone I know that has played the individual stock game has lost big time. I like your content, but you are preaching a dangerous game. You praise Buffett, but you actually advise against his advice, which is to stick to index funds unless you are a professional. I’d say 99% of your viewers are not professionals when it comes to stock picking.

  11. The vast majority of actively managed funds don't beat the market long term. Those are managed by smart and educated professionnals who dedicate all their time to picking stocks. How is an amateur stock picker who doesn't have the same resources and time supposed to do better? I guess it is not impossible, but I feel most regular people should stick in large part to index ETFs.

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