How To Invest after You've Maxed Out Retirement

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How To Invest after You’ve Maxed Out Retirement

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16 thoughts on “How To Invest after You've Maxed Out Retirement”

  1. Tbh, at their income level and assumedly no kids, they should be where they are. However assuming they did most of this financial legwork in their twenties, that is what is super admirable about this story.

  2. If you are using 401Ks like this, you have no right to complain when your Social Security is taxed. Or if you are currently in a tax free state and move to one or your state becomes a taxable state and you have to pay state income tax on income that otherwise would not have been taxable. Or if the income tax rates go up. And don't forget you need to tell your heirs that the IRS and state will get almost 50% of your 401K upon your death and the remainder will cause your heirs taxes on their regular income to be in higher brackets the year they take the ownership of the 401K. You have been warned. I don't want to hear complaints. 401Ks should only be used as a tool. Not as the primary retirement savings. If you don't want taxable income in retirement or to pay less in taxes you have to do what Ive done. Stay away from 401Ks and IRAs.

  3. Other options:
    1) use an HSA, if you qualify. As an investment account. Don’t touch it for medical bills and invest the HSA over a couple decades
    2) IRA Roth IRA (they may make too much)
    3) backdoor and mega backdoor ROTH, if work allows.
    4) spousal IRA if wife doesn’t work (again if you qualify)
    5) wife’s 401k/403B is she does work.
    6) pile up cash and wait for the next drop to pick up some rental real estate at firehouse prices.
    7) taxable account where you invest in tax efficient index funds or tax free municipal bonds index funds. That way your 401k can be 100% stocks and your taxable account holds the bonds / cash investments.

  4. If 401Ks are maxed out, maybe 1-1 $6,000 contribution to a Roth IRA account (trough backdoor contribution due to high income), and if possible (company allows) to do "After-tax" contribution into the 401K account (this is allowed over the $19,000 limit by the IRS!) do that as well. The beauty is that when after-tax contribution is permitted by the employer, and also possible to do "in-service" rollover, the whole after-tax amount can be rolled over to the Roth IRA account (it can be over the $6,000/year limit!) from the 401K at any time. I do this conversion 3-4 times a year. Perfectly legal. This way I can put tens of thousands into my Roth IRA/year, instead of the "normal" $6,000. Great opportunity for high earners when working for the right company (that offers 401K, after-tax contribution, and permits in-service rollovers).

    I would only consider investing for retirement through a regular .brokerage account once I cannot put any more money into my Roth IRA. Who wants to pay extra taxes every time you get dividend, or buy-sell stocks?

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