Why REIT Investors Lose

Here are some mistakes that cause REIT investors to lose money.

Take a look at this popular REIT video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7kZ2SiHh5Y

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25 thoughts on “Why REIT Investors Lose”

  1. How do you get high ordinary income rates? I understand if you are holding a REIT stock less than a year, but once holding it a year and a day, dividends from stocks are qualified dividends and capital gains.

  2. Female investors!! I enjoyed the video. I have several shares in O. I plan to add more over the years. My goal is to live off the dividends when I retire in the next 20 years. (My shares are not in a Roth IRA.) Will I still be taxed heavily after the age of 59? Thanks for the video!!

  3. Great video and great channel! in addition of all the excelent financial material, you have a very clear pronounciation which helps a lot the non native english speakers, as I am. I can get 100% of what you say. Thank you!

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