Make a Fortune Investing in Mobile Homes Starting with No Money

It’s a little known fact that mobile home investing provides that highest cash on cash return on average from any form of real estate. It requires extremely low amounts of capital to invest and the profit margins can be huge.

Very few people think of investing in mobile homes or mobile home parks, but it’s not only an extremely lucrative business it’s also a high demand industry. 22 million Americans live in mobile homes and as real estate prices continue to go up nationwide the demand for mobile homes is rising. It’s a billion-dollar industry that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams of Mobile Home Elite Investors have mastered the mobile home industry. In episode 41 they gave us insight on how anyone can get started investing for as low as $500, they went into detail about the ins and outs of mobile homes and explained the pitfalls to avoid. #Mobilehomeinvesting #Realestate

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40 thoughts on “Make a Fortune Investing in Mobile Homes Starting with No Money”

  1. I live in NW Indiana in the Liberty Farm community. New homes are $60,000 for a two bedroom two bath house. Lot rent goes up annually, My lot rent is over $600 per month, it’s getting to the point of not being cost effective. Taxes were just under $200 annually. Too frequently are boil orders for water. Trash is dumpsters and support the “trailer trash” stigma. We’re not allowed to park on the street and guests can’t either, management doesn’t enforce it on everyone. Manufactured homes can be a good buy.

  2. Just came across this video and my God am I glad I did. Currently ridding my debt, and only have my car to pay off (10,000). I've been researching how to gain assets for a short while now. I have no credit card or student loan debt. I appreciate this information and hope investing in Florida is just as lucrative. I have a lot to learn!! Thank you for posting!!

  3. The funny part for me is some of these questions since I grew up 18+ years in a mobile home, and my mom still has it. It’s like I grew up into all this, I just never knew the business side of it. Ours has lasted 25 years so far and we’ve moved it once and put it back together. We are in SC so we’ve been through all the hurricanes etc etc. the neighborhood has 2 pools, 1 for kids and 1 for 15 and up, basketball court, soccer field, some have tracks to walk/run

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