Investing in the New Real Estate – Domain Names

If you've been online for any length of time, and tried to set up your own websites, you'll know that getting the right domain names for them is essential if you want to get the search engines, and then the visitors coming to your website; you're also going to know just how hard a good one is to get, too. So, have you ever thought about just how valuable domain names can be?

Just imagine this, for a moment; the first dot com domain names came onto the market, and the demand was nowhere near as high as it is now; you could have bought one of the top level domains about diets, health, weight loss, or something similar, and even if you did nothing else with them you could be selling them for a huge profit today.

Of course, people wouldn't have just been stockpiling domains then; you'd have built a site around them, been getting a lot of visitors, probably more than just a few sales of a product each day, and you could have then sold the whole website for more money than you were ever going to make in a year at your old job. Just makes you think, doesn't it?

Naturally, not all domain names are going to have the same appeal when you come to sell them on. If you do your keyword research properly, and have managed to buy one of the top level (.com, .net etc) domains, based around keywords that you know people are searching for, then you could see the value substantially increase over time. If, however, you buy one of the domain names that aren't so popular, what have you lost? Most will only cost around $ 10 per year, and that's a small amount to lose in comparison to some other 'investments' that you could be making, right?

Not so long ago it was announced that new domains were going to be made available that would let anyone – with the money – apply to have their own top level domain extensions; so towns could start to apply to have a domain named after them eg.London; and that would open up even more opportunities for the wise investor in domain names.

Just think; if you knew that these were going to be made available, and you wanted to create an online business where you sold advertising space to local businesses, how much easier would the sale be if you had the name lawyers Los Angeles, for instance? Do you think that the lawyers would be more interested in listing in a directory that's that specific to their local area? Of course they would.

While it has been true in the past that land is a good investment – because they aren't making any more of it – it doesn't mean that it's always going to hold its value, so it may be time to switch your ideas about which sort of real estate you want to invest in.

There are a lot of ways that you can make domain names an investment that's going to pay you dividends; you have to get the ground work done properly first, though.

Find keywords that people are searching on, and see what's available to buy. If you can't get the dot com that you're after then think about one of the other TLDs (top-level domain) that are on offer; most people don't go for them as often, but, if your traffic is coming from the search engines then the TLDs aren't as important to the visitors to your site.

If you think of any domain names that you know are going to be popular, and will be even more popular if you can get a town name in the TLD, then write them down for future reference, and wait to see what's happening next.

So, while it may be a gloomy time for normal real estate, the future of online real estate, in the form of domain names, looks to have an exciting time on the horizon, and it's so much cheaper investing in domains.

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