My First Date Investments PT. 7

My EX trying to get me to fall back in love!!


Paris Nicole

Tim Willy

Katty aka Liz

Jay Ali 🎥


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25 thoughts on “My First Date Investments PT. 7”

  1. The crazy girlfriend is beautiful that's hard to let go man you right they always have the best "wooooooweeeeeee" and you know what I mean. Good gawd that's that bull man crazy but to fine.

  2. Yo bro, your voice reminds me of Tommy Davidson's!! & I'm not watching no more videos after 10 until you come out with episode 20.. cause I'm gonna keep wanting to click on another one.. you got something here.. & everyone chemistry is natural.. it doesn't seemed forced.. it's like a real show.. keep it coming you got a fan..

  3. I swear G Wayne is really my role model he is funny and I love to watch all of his videos over and over and I just want to say thank you for the Entertainment and keep up the great videos My Name is Devin Lucas

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